Quick Recaps

So, since I haven’t really done much writing this week, I figured I’d do some short commentary on a bunch of shows:

House– anyone else think it was super cute when House a) bared his soul to Wilson about not wanting him to die and b) showed up at the surgery? I mean, sure, it was selfish to say he shouldn’t do it just because he didn’t want to. It’s a strange situation that Wilson was in, treating a friend and being asked to donate to him. I wish they had talked a little more about the risks of the surgery, how likely there are to be complications, etc, to give a better idea of how risky it all was. Like, was it a 1 in 1,000 chance, a 1 in 10 chance…it’s interesting to see that the doctors fully support and encourage people to do it (like telling the wife and child to do it if they’re a match) but then they are hesitant about doing it themselves. And Cuddy, make up your mind already cause you’re not being fair to anyone.

Heroes– so first, let’s talk about Gretchen for a moment (so weird to see her as an adult, she will always be Grace Sheffield to me). First thing, are they just going to ignore the whole we sort of made out and have a crush on each other thing? Because essentially, that’s what happened. Second, she’s a little on the annoying side, though of course, she’s right. Which leads me to, why is Claire always such an idiot? And why won’t her father just tell her the truth so that she’d be a little less of an idiot? (I do want to add that the whole thing with Claire and Tracy was kind of awesome, especially with her accidentally smashing Claire’s foot.) The Peter-Nathan story is getting on my nerves a bit. Is Matt going to show up to help? Where’s Ando? And one thing this does make clear is that the Haitian doesn’t work as a general dampening field for magic, it seems that it must actively be used (possibly explaining Nathan’s inexplicable escape in season one for all of you who cried foul about him flying away). Why don’t they just bring Nathan back from the dead already? Wouldn’t it just take a bit of Claire’s blood? We’ve seen that time/length of death is irrelevant to her powers…

Chef Academy– not much happening on this front except that it turns out one of the contestants (are they actually contestants? I suppose they’re not exactly competing…students?) was a porn star  which is not altogether surprising but pretty funny and another one is a bit/a lot of an idiot (why she wouldn’t just tell the seamstresses, “I’m sorry, something came up, let’s reschedule” is beyond me, especially with Chef Novelli being the temperamental man he is). I’m not sure how much I think Zoe is condescending, especially since she’s generally proved to be correct, but there probably is a better way for her to get her thoughts across instead of talking to him like she’s a teacher herself. Meanwhile Kup (sp?) being mean is also hard to say because we only saw that in that one bit of scenes. They could definitely do a better job of editing the footage so we can see the interactions more.

SYTYCD– Thanks so some computer glitch most of my review got lost in cyberspace but I did want to make a single complaint which is that sometimes the camera does the fancy little spin around the dancers as they perform or zooms in too much and it really takes away from watching the dance (or it cuts off part of the performers so we can’t see it as well) and I’d really like them to stop that. I liked both of the contestants who got voted off but I guess I wasn’t surprised by either one. I’ve noticed that the judges’ favorites and expectations often don’t actually coincide with the audiences’ favorites. (And I think a lot of people were upset that Noelle wasn’t replaced when she couldn’t dance the first week. The show should have done a better job of explaining the rules, which say, according to Nigel’s twitter account “if advised by a Dr. not to dance you get 1 weeks grace.”)

90210– why must most CW shows be stuck with awful main characters? Annie and Dixon are the two lamest and uninteresting characters on the show. I’d like to see more about Liam’s home life, more about Jasper’s home life (though he’s pretty irritating too), more Kelly…basically more of anyone else. Adrianna’s giving up drugs was too easy but I’m glad Naveed remained pissed. I’m not sure yet if I feel sorry for Naomi, but I guess her calling Annie to apologize does give her some points. We’ll see where it goes from there I suppose. I feel bad for the surfer chick because you know that in the long run she’ll be burned (though the thing is, no matter who Liam slept with, he did cheat on Naomi so it shouldn’t matter).

Launch My Line– this is the newest Bravo series (still trying to replace Project Runway without much success clearly) where a non-designer is paired with a professional designer to create a new clothing line. Essentially each week they add one piece to the collection and one like gets cut. I’m not sure if I like it. For one thing, there are too many people involved, it’s hard to keep track. For another, how involved is the pro designer supposed to be (and why are they screwed with all the construction work?) I guess I’m willing to give it a bit more time, if only because I love seeing the runways at the end, but I’m not sure it’s going to be any good.

Glee– the only thing more that I could have asked for was a bit more singing. Thank God (aka the writers here) Mr. Schu found out the truth. Do you think he’s more upset about her tricking him or about him being stupid enough to fall for it for so long? And what’s going to happen to Quinn and the baby afterwards? A friend of mine asked an excellent question in regards to the mattresses, specifically, why Mr. Schu couldn’t just pay for the one mattress to get rid of the entire issue. Also, regardless of official rules, why can’t he, for example, show up to the competition to support them regardless of whether or not he is there as the coordinator? And why can’t he just “hang around” without an official title to help them out?

The Ruins– FOR ONCE THEY DO NOT SCREW OVER THE GIRL! I’m almost proud of Evan. (Not surprised about Derrick.) I’m surprised about all this discussion that Susie is a weak competitor as I’ve never seen any evidence of that. Sure, if she screws you over on purpose that sucks, but to say she isn’t good when she tries? The fact that she never even went into the Gauntlet (and won her first challenge on a Rookie team) says she knows how to play the game. In the Inferno she won the life shield 3 times and won the only Inferno she entered. Plus she won 3 Ruins (if you count the one with Casey…). She’s never last in the challenges. She’s never actually freaked out mid-challenge. I’m not saying I’m a huge fan of hers, but to argue that she’s weak is pretty lame. And to worry about her being the reason you loose to a bunch of girls? Look, the only way you’re going to lose is if the final challenge is weighted for girls in which case Susie is your only strong point on the team. So…you know…You could probably carry Susie on your back and still outrun the others. Also, imagine how things would have been had they not screwed over Evelyn. Remember, every girl is terrified of going up against Kelly Anne and Evelyn basically easily “defeated” Kelly Anne before intentionally losing. I could see Evelyn take out some of the guys in competition. Actually, what could have happened is Evelyn could have tied Susie in the choice of who goes in, allowing the entire team to vote her to take on whoever they want. And Evelyn might have been willing to go against Kelly Anne in the final Ruins (as opposed to being blindsided earlier).

30 Rock– everything about this episode was hysterical. Jack as always messes things  up while trying to make things right (though it’s a little surprising that her has so little idea about how to deal with an actress considering. Actress Liz talking to Normal Liz like Golam, Jenna being the voice of “reason.” And the whole taking the door off its hinges (how come they never thought of that before and why Jenna was the one to think of it of all people?) Oh and the Lem as Liz thing? Hysterical! This may be one of the funniest episodes since the one where Jack role played Tracy’s family for therapy.

Parks and Recreation– this was a really interesting episode. For once, it focused on Tom more so than anyone else and despite the fact that he’s a jerk, he comes out as the sad, sympathetic one in the story. And there’s the whole Anne ownership thing which was handled nicely. You almost feel bad for her ex. Almost. Also, April remains the best part of the show if not there as often as I’d like. It was nice to see another side of him for once. I still wish there was no mockumentary style stuff in the show, but otherwise, I’ve gotten over it enough that I can watch it anyway.

Private Practice– So many things happened in this double feature. First, there’s the who Violet sleeping with Addison’s dad. Bizarre that Violet sees no problem with this and frustrating that she can talk about a mother doing what’s best for her children. Then there’s Addison and her parents and Sam. How will Naomi react? (BTW anyone else think Naomi might actually have hurt her daughter given a little more time? Is there something wrong with her? Some hormone imbalance? That could be interesting.) It’s bad that I don’t care for Addison enough to really care about her family life, but oh well. The story with Dale, Heather, and Betsy was so sad, though not surprising.

Dollhouse– this week was a Joss Whedon reunion of awesomeness. Summer Glau is so amazing as a demented character. And her awkward flirting with Topher makes it even better. And the Victor as Topher bit was hysterical even if not original. Adelle getting some balls (figuratively and sort of literally) and standing up for Echo. It’s weird to see the Dollhouse we’ve been following as the not-so-bad guys in the big picture. And we see how Epitaph One comes to pass. I’m hoping they’ll delve deeper into the story of Bennett (Glau) and Caroline/Echo. If this is any indication of episodes to come, the series will end with an awesome bang.

Ugly Betty– once again subscribing to my rule of if we don’t see them die or see the dead body, they’re not dead, we see Connor Owens back. On the upside, Willie manages to find her way back in (which we always knew would happen one way or another). And best of all, Mark stands up for himself in a healthy way. I don’t care so much for all the sex and hookups. And I’m sad that Amanda didn’t get Matt in the end. She’s right that Betty didn’t really want him back until he seemed to be dating someone else. Sort of at least. I hope moving the show back to Wednesday night will help its ratings, though I’m not sure it will. (Also, if you haven’t checked out the Mode After Hours webisodes, you’re really missing out and should think about going to ABC.com to see. On the other hand the Seattle Grace On Call webisodes were less exciting.)

Ghost Whisperer– the only thing I have to say about this is that Melinda cries too often. Every episode has her crying at the end. They’re not all that touching! And also I don’t like that it always turns out that everyone is innocent in the end. Sometimes there are real murderers and its not always an innocent or accidental death. If we’re not going to focus on the shadows and shinees at lest give us some excitement elsewhere. I’m a little upset that we got back to the formulaic when we’d finally gotten to the bigger story so recently.

White Collar– not much to say here except that the twist in the end was very interesting. Did not see that one coming but I feel like there will be more to the story. (Peter using Kate to get something from Caffrey that he’s been hunting all these years? Or maybe Peter tracked him down and Kate knows him from the past. Maybe Kate has been lying about the other person all along and this is really her scheme?)

Bones– not much to report on this front beyond the whole Hodgins has Angela tattooed on his arm thing. I can’t believe Cam didn’t notice that things were up with the geek squad.

Well, those are all the shows I’m going to talk about for now. If you have any specific thoughts about any of them, or any others, let me know. I’d be interested to hear.


3 Responses to “Quick Recaps”

  1. sarah Says:

    90210- why must most CW shows be stuck with awful main characters? Annie and Dixon are the two lamest and uninteresting characters on the show.

    —-how about on TV as a whole??? I know this will piss you off because it pissed me off….I saw on people.com today Rumor Willis’ character and Adrianna become a couple in the second half of the season…such garbage.

    Last nites episode was pretty good…I won’t spoil if you haven’t seen!

    • ax20 Says:

      agreed, lame plot point. i agree also that this week’s episode was one of its better ones. i feel bad for ivy (surfer girl)

  2. sarah Says:

    I have been pretty impressed with the whole season so far, actually. I feel bad for Ivy too…eventhou I am not crazy about her character, Liam was a dick and led her on. I am also not crazy about no new episodes until January…I mean what about next week??? No West Bev. xmas special??? At least the original 90210 always had one of those…you would think they could have done one and bring Donna back for her birthday!(maybe I watched the original a little too much 😉

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