So You Think You Can Dance Top 10 Results

The best part of that intro was easily Ryan and Ashleigh making out. Tyce choreographed the dance. Good though not his best.

Not a fan of Cat’s dress or makeup.
Noelle and Ryan hit the hip hop and smooth waltz.
Ashleigh and Legacy rock their contemporary but their hip hop isn’t quite there.
Kathryn and Nathan find the character of their Broadway and for their Rumba they did well but not enough passion.
Ellenore and Jakob are very good in their quickstep and blow everyone away with their contemporary.
Mollee and Russell are fantastic in their lyrical jazz and hit it with their jive.
(Some of the slomos look amazing!)

Ellenore first, was she safe? Yes! What about Mollee? Also safe! Ashleigh, Noelle, and Kathryn left. Noelle is in the bottom two. (Mollee looks irritated by that.) Ashleigh is safe and Kathryn is in the bottom two.

Ryan first, did America vote him through? No, he is in the bottom. Russell…yes. Jakob is safe as well, leaving Nathan and Legacy. The final guy in danger is…Nathan.

The Legion of Extraordinary Dancers guests. Umm, it’s awesome.

After Noelle’s solo, which is much better than yesterday’s Adam says she’s awesome and he’d hire her.

Ryan’s solo is whatever. It’s weird to see such a masculine guy dancing do femininely (ballroom to me looks very feminine, even for the guys). Mary says he’s the best ballroom they’ve had and what he lacks in his solos he brings to his performances.

Kathryn’s solo is better too. Mary says she’s shocked because Kathryn has done everything asked of her and she has everything.

Nathan’s solo is both awesome and weird at varying points. Nigel says continue as he’s going. He’s on the right road now.

Now for Snoop Dogg. And I thought this was a dance show…This is such a bizarre performance. Snoop is almost never featured, the dancing isn’t bad. The song seems to have been rearranged for the show? Hook and some other SYTYCD alums were performing.

The results. Noelle or Kathryn. Who will be leaving us tonight? Noelle. That’s what I expected though I did like her. I guess there aren’t really any women I don’t like left.

Now Nathan and Ryan…leaving us is Nathan. That’s sad. I liked him a little better than Ryan.


One Response to “So You Think You Can Dance Top 10 Results”

  1. Samantha Laury Says:

    It’s not all that surprising that Noelle is out of the SYTYCD race – she didn’t have great form in general, bad feet

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