So You Think You Can Dance Top 10 Performances

Time for America to decide who will stay and who will go. By the way, I love that the show has a host to announce the host. The judges cheering about not having to cut anybody anymore. Everyone will be performing solo this week and new couples will be picked (weekly).

Tabitha and Napoleon hip hop routine for Noelle and Ryan. Apparently we don’t learn about the contestants this week. (Thanks a lot Obama.) Noelle looks really good. Well I think they danced it well, I dunno about the connection. Nigel says sorry Noelle, you were sexy this week. Ryan was very strong but a little too strong and not funky enough. Good, fun routine, good chemistry. Mary thought great chemistry, great routine Tabs and Nap. Into the character. Adam tells Noelle she was smokin’ and that she should find a way to dance from that place always. Ryan partnered well. Great moment.

Ashleigh and Legacy next. Interesting pairing. They’ve got a contemporary routine by Gary Stewart. There’s something off about this. Like it wants to be cool but it didn’t quite hit it. There seems to be a lot of pauses or something. Nigel says they’ve been physically abused, one of the most difficult styles because it requires a lot of athleticism and defying gravity. For the time that they had, the effort put in was fantastic. They’ll probably never be asked to do something so difficult. Mary wows! Terrific. There were many great moments. Adam says it was extraordinary because they didn’t look afraid. Just attack, fabulous.

Mollee‘s solo now. Exciting, her solos are always interesting. She always wanted to be a store. At 14 she auditioned for HSM and got roles in all three. Her mom and grandparents are in the audience. Not her best solo, a little too little dancing in my opinion. But still cool.

Russell‘s turn. He grew up in a bad neighborhood. His dad tried to keep him busy and off the street. It’s cool though without enough variety.

Kathryn and Nathan get a Spencer Lyth Broadway routine. There a couple of moments where they weren’t in step with each other but it was pretty cute. Kathryn looks younger with Nathan. Nigel thought they found that style perfectly. Tremendous. Kathryn’s chemistry wasn’t as good as hoped, it was a little isolated. Mary thinks Kathryn is marvelous in this number, she captures moments and makes it look easily. She anticipated trouble for Nathan but none to be found. Adam loves the great history lesson. He came out with confidence and did really good. Kathryn brought out maturity in him.

Noelle‘s solo. She group up in a small town but has a big family. She auditioned last year and nearly didn’t graduate high school because of it. A lot of great moves, missing a bit of flow though.

Ellenore and Jakob get a quickstep by Tony and Melanie. (Nearly missed that, I was trying to figure out where Mollee actually was in HSM. Random fact- in the “What Time Is It” there is only one female who does the basketball dribbling part.) Remember when everyone hates this style? Maybe you should stop making it an option. Nigel thought it was fun, she brought a bit of tap. Nigel has a couple words of warning for Jakob but not much. Very good together. Comfortable. Mary says they deserved the trophy. Adam finds it fascinating that it’s all by luck of the draw. Fantastic, the couple he wanted to see.

Ryan‘s solo now. His parents, grandparents, and him and Ashleigh all met dancing. That’s actually cool. He is such a cute little kid. Actually, pretty good solo for a ballroom dancer.

Kathryn solos now. Her mom had her own studio and she began dancing when she was 3. Notice the “Whatever It Takes” novel they show her reading. Some awkward moments but pretty cool.

Fifth couple, Mollee and Russell with a Mandy Moore lyrical jazz. As always with Mandy Moore, it’s really good. Nigel says beautiful choreography. Mollee has grown in a week, the maturity has just come out! Russell, he’s about as proud of him as his dad. Brilliant. Moving like a contemporary dancer, lovely partnership. Mary LOVES THIS PARTNERSHIP! Talk about chemistry. Lordy lordy oh my gosh. New level of dancer. Everything. Both of them are her favorite couple tonight. Adam is so pleased. And needs medical attention “would you guys not dance so well in the future, it’s killing me.” Russell is a scary krumper but he can switch to such a partner. Mollee, the shakeup worked for her. This was her coming out party.

Sixth soloist, Nathan. I think he took what Adam said to heart about the profile comments. That spin was pretty awesome. The rest was just ok. He keeps crying, it’s cute.

JT and Thomas smooth waltz for Noelle and Ryan. Pretty but sloow. I like the music, anyone catch the name? Nigel says they are like the prince and princess at the end of the Disney movies. Ryan has great carriage. Noelle needs more softness but beautiful otherwise. Mastered both routines. Mary says yes they mastered both. Noelle is breathtaking. Elegant. Ryan dominated in the right way. Adam knew he was hypnotized when he started breathing with them. It was really really really good. Power partnership (for the week).

Ellenore‘s solo time. She’s from CA and moved to NY for dance. Unique as always but I think this was one of her better solos. Cat Deeley is really tall. Or has really high shoes.

Dave Scott hip hop done by Ashleigh and Legacy. Too much of this routine involves walking around. Nigel didn’t feel it. (Agreed.) Not enough dancing for him. They weren’t in sync enough. Mary says it didn’t work for her either. Adam agrees it wasn’t challenging enough at this point. He hopes people still call for them.

So…originally this went until the end of the show but something happened and the second half got deleted…will see what I can do about getting it up but probably can’t fix it until it’s online. 😦


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