Gossip Girl: The Treasure of Serena Madre

The Van Der Woodsons don’t have traditions for Thanksgiving but Serena has to volunteer as per Trips orders. Lily plans to order in and Rufus submits. Eric reveals that he and Jonathan broke up but he doesn’t want to tell Jenny why. So she texts him inviting him to eat with them.

Serena comes in and asks if Trip has spoken to his wife. She’s agreed to the divorce. Serena is nervous that she’s the reason but he assures her she’s not. He convinces her to spend Thanksgiving with him. It turns out she lied about the work.

Chuck and Blair talk and Blair says she’s sure her mother is hiding something. Serena shows up looking for Nate and Blair basically says Trip will move on.

Nate talks to Dan about why his threesome was bad. He hopes he’ll make it up with Olivia. Nate won’t be around since he has mixed feelings about someone. Serena shows up and asks him to go for a walk.

Vanessa approaches Dan asking to stay over because she forgot to sign the papers to stay in the dorms over break. (Remember when they live nearby?)

They talk to grandma and it seems really she wasn’t sick. Why did Lily say she can’t come.

Blair gets home and thinks her mom is changing her will because of a package she sees.

Serena says she made a mistake kissing Trip and doesn’t intend a repeat. Trip calls to cancel their plans. Maureen wants to have dinner together. She invites Nate over for Thanksgiving and he says he doesn’t have plans. Lies!

Lily and Maureen run into each other and the conversation hints at their illicit affair. (Gossip Girl is truly thankful for what we are about to receive.)

Vanessa vents about her mom but Dan has been acting weird. Knock on the door reveals V’s mom. She wants to make things up to her. They will be with the Humphreys. Well, this meal is just growing. V says she’ll give her mom one more shot. (I’m like the letters.)

Trip shows up at Serena’s home and he reveals that they will be eating together. Trip says now they will get to spend time together. All he cares about is being near her. One last time. She wants him to come in which is why he can’t. So instead she pulls the emergency break and they make out. Elevator cameras no?

Blair wants to open the package but can’t. Dorota will be working for Lily on Thanksgiving. Blair proposes they eat with Serena. To keep her mom busy/around I guess. Blair refuses to leave before she finds out what her mom is hiding. Dorota picked up some things for her mom, including a pregnancy test!

Chuck and Nate discuss. Hotel cameras caught Trip and Serena making out. Nate says someone needs to get through to Serena bfore it’s too late and she gets heartbroken. How often does the other woman get a happily ever after? Nate calls security.

Lily is surprised to see her mom. The guests begin to arrive. Apparently there’s a lot to talk about. Awkward interaction between Trip, Serena, and Maureen. Chuck warns Trip and Serena not to make it in the elevator again. Maureen asks Nate if Trip and Serena are having an affair. She wants him back. Nate thinks he has a way to end the affair. NATE YOU HAVE BECOME EVIL. Blair reveals that Eric was the one who schemed against Jenny at Cotillion. It seems Lily has some secrets. As she said her mom was still sick when she wasn’t and Lily was “with her.” V wants to know why Lonely Boy keeps giving her weird looks. Blaire drinks in front of her mother to tempt her. Maureen threatens Serena and Trip with a video of them making out. If they don’t end the affair she’ll leak the video. One by one people leave the table.

Her mom tells her to walk away from Trip of she’s not welcome in the house. Eric goes to talk to Jenny. Why wouldn’t he tell her he was mad. He says she chose being queen over their friendship. He’s become a different person because of her. Blair’s mom finds her who informs her she’s wring. She changed her will to reflect her move to Paris for good. It was Dorota’s test!!!

Rufus talks to Vanessa’s mom. Why did Lily lie? V wants her to stop, maybe she should go. Serena comes own and apologizes to Maureen. Well i guess Nate’s happy. Blair finds Serena and they’re friends again. Blair even apologizes and invites her to Paris. I wish it was that easy for me.

Lily and Rufus…he asks why she lied. she says she was finally connected to her mom. Her mom overhears. But there’s a real reason. Her mom warns her that some secrets can’t stay hidden.

Blair and her mom makes go talk to her secret bf that she’s been avoiding.

D confronts V’s mom. He points out how similar they are. V volunteers all the time. Her mom sees that he’s in love with her.

Trip is angry at Nate but Nate says it was the right thing. Serena deserves someone who will sacrifice everything for her. Chuck tells Nate to tell Serena how he feels.

Trip shows up and says he’s leaving Maureen and he wants to be with her. He hopes she’ll come with him. What will she choose? Serena asks Blair what to do and Blair tells her to go. Then Serena finds a letter addressed to her, from her father. Serena tells her mom she’s leaving with Trip, her mom lectures her, and she pulls out the letter from her dad. What did it say?

D and V’s mom talk. She’s beaming because she and V have bonded finally. Her mom advises him not to do anything unless he’s sure he wants to be with her. Their friendship might not survive if he breaks her heart again. Some guy V’s interested in invites them out.

Serena gets downstairs and Nate catches her. He apologizes for what he did. He did it because…stay here with him, give him a chance. Serena stares for a while…

V and her mom leave. V is happy for making up with her mom.

GG is thankful for the truth. Dorota talks to her boy and he’s ecstatic about the baby. Eric and Jenny ignore each other. He texts someone that it’s time to strike.

Lily reads the letter and hides it before Rufus can see it.

Chuck asks Blair if he can stay instead of go to Paris and she says yes. Nate is left standing alone and Chuck takes him to get a drink.

In the car, Serena looks doubtful but Trip takes her hand which makes her smile.

Maureen takes a coat which it turns out is the one with the letter. How will she scheme now?


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