Starmaker Finale

They let it all sink in.

For song selection, they can pick any song sung on stage or a new song all together. Wouldn’t it be interesting if they took someone else’s original song. They want to know if it’s what they do best or something new for the finale. Todd picks Coldplay’s Fix It. Melody picks If I Were a Boy by Beyonce. Liz debates for a while and then picks Redneck Woman by Gretchen Wilson.

Performance night…

Liz is first. Rodney says she might be the first Bad Boy country artist. She rocked it and looked like a star. Tamara says “Yeehaw.” Laurieann says she rocked it. Diddy says great job and growth. He needs someone with the Bad Boy swagger “you never know.”

Melody is second. Rodney says she’s very special with a unique tone and a passion. Tamara says she has gone through the biggest transformation. Laurieann says she’s super comfortable on the stage. Diddy says she’s always owned the stage.

Todd finishes things off. Todd would be the first Bad Boy rock star. Rodney’s always believed in him and even more so now. Tamara says he rocked it. (Favorite phrase of the show.) Laurieann says he affected a change in her atmosphere. Diddy says he did his thing.

Diddy makes a first decision to get rid of someone. The first artist staying is Liz. And Melody, this will not be “the day for us.” Finally.

Now Diddy questions the final two. Liz believes she has the strength, drive, and endurance. Todd had so much fun for him so that settles it. (Can we discuss the “make history” words? You are not changing the world!) Finally, Diddy says, he wants to make history with Liz.


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