Starmaker 9

Liz says she thinks the final four are the most deserving (didn’t she say Lauriana should go home?). Melody does look better with her makeover.

Song choice:
How to Save A Life by The Fray
Here for the Party by Gretchen Wilson
Chasing Pavements by Adele
Ready, Set Go by Tokio Hotel

Liz jumps on the country song Gretchen Wilson. Lauriana takes Adele’s song because even though she’s never heard it, it’s a blues song. Melody and Todd want the Fray song but Todd once again lets her take it (after she refuses to give it up).

Today the artists will do interviews. This their final assignment. Todd says he’s spoken to small press but never something so big. Rodney warns them that they are representing themselves and Bad Boy and they are promoting themselves and their brand.

Liz doesn’t think about what to censor and what to share. She doesn’t talk about her music. Melody talks about her specific style. Lauriana says she won’t stop singing no matter what happens and she wouldn’t change who she is or her morals to win. Todd didn’t know how to take the opportunity to promote himself.

Rodney gives them feedback afterwards. He points out that soundbites are used to represent an artist. Overall, Lauriana did the best.

Laurieann coaches them and tries to encourage them to connect to the music. She wants to see another level.

Performance time. Guest judge, Kelly Rowland.

Todd is first and is apparently sporting a new look. A vest. His hair looks better. But he looks possessed. Rodney loves what he does but he’s predictable. Tamara is speechless. Except she’s not. Laurieann says he’s not manufactured crap. Kelly says he’s still around for a reason.

Second comes Melody. Wow, I really do not like her voice. Not even slightly. BTW Melody’s mom is in the audience. Rodney says she connected. Tamara says she got chills. Laurieann says she made it personal. Kelly tells her she’s a star.

Lauriana follows. Rodney isn’t sure if it connected, it was too low for her. Tamara wasn’t convinced tonight. Laurieann says the others just connected better. Kelly says she did a good job.

Finally Liz. Rodney says she killed it. Tamara says she could win. Laurieann says Yeehaw. Kelly says exciting, fun.

Now it’s about who can win it all. Judges have made their decision. Melody will be going through. Liz is through it’s between Todd and Lauriana. What are the odds of an all girl final?

Todd thinks he is different and that’s what the label is looking for. Lauriana says she is passionate, she works hard. Lauriana is not ready and Todd will be in the finale.


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