Starmaker 8

New competition: they must create the melody to a song that they have the lyrics and track for. They need someone who can write. They will be put into a vocal booth to sing their song.

They want to make Rodney proud and think his track is amazing. Rodney feels what Liz did. Omotayo struggles to get out the lyrics. He sounded a mess. Todd gets a wow. Melody (don’t like her voice but eh). Lauriana kept it simple but good. Monet gets a “yahoo” don’t know what that means. She crashed and burned.

Song Choice is predetermined, Diddy has chosen them specifically. Todd was given original. Lauriana gets If I Ain’t Got You. Omotayo gets Moving Mountains. Melody gets Just Like A Pill. Monet gets Dirty Little Secret. Liz gets Before He Cheats. Each presents a unique challenge for the different artists, which is clearly the point.

Laurieann is tough on Monet. Laurieann tells Omotayo she is fed up with the weakness of his lack of stamina. Liz gets coaching on her entrance. Lauriana starts crying and Laurieann says she can’t be babied.

Liz first with a southern song. So much for stepping out of their comfort zone. I feel like this is such an easy song. But she sounds really good. Rodney says killed it all day long. Tamara thinks she’s even more convinced of her skill. Laurieann says yeehaw stay focused. Lady Gaga, guest judge says she killed it. (She looks as strange as ever.)

Monet second. Weird song for her…Rodney says not her best and Tamara says she’s off her game. Laurieann says she has a great work ethic. Lady Gaga says at the end don’t throw away the end. Be good at being wrong if you’re going to be wrong.

Melody sings Just Like A Pill and I really hate her voice. But the judges enjoy. Rodney says she’s making it hard for the others. Tamara says she git chills and nice makeover. Laurieann says she rocked the crowd. Lady Gaga says she’s got a kill in her eye.

Omotayo performs Moving Mountains. Laurieann looks thrilled. But he clearly gets breathy at the end leading the others to wonder what was wrong with him. Rodney says he was uncomfortable with the line moving mountains. Not his best. Tamara agrees it was hard. Laurieann says improve but he has a gift. Gaga says he should have more fun. She certainly has fun on stage.

Todd performs his original song titled Flatline. Not my type of song, a little angsty, but he does a good job. Laurieann is on her feet screaming. Tamara is beaming. Liz backstage screams. Rodney says he’s a rockstar. Tamara says he’s a beautiful car crash. Crazy fantastic. Laurieann says excellent. Gaga says there’s that screw loose that he has. Amazing.

Finally, Lauriana sings If I Ain’t Got You. Don’t like the styling. This is tough because Alicia Keys is really good at what she does and has a really distinct voice. Laurieann looks confused. It’s almost like the background is so loud she’d competing with them. Liz says boring. Rodney says she started off shaky but she got in the zone in the end. Tamara says not her best or worst. Struggled on the low parts. Laurieann says she sounded amazing but having worked with Alicia, you need to let the audience in. Gaga agrees, she needs to decide who she is as an artist.

Monet and Omotayo are called forward. Everyone else is through. Sad, I like these two. They didn’t step it up so both of them will be leaving.


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