Starmaker 7

Picking teams. Liz picks Omotayo, Melody, and Todd. David picks Lauriana and Monet. Their task is to write a song. Monet is a quiet writer and leaves mid-session. She’s frustrated at being young and not being listened to. Lauriana sees she’s upset and tries to talk.

Mini-performance time. Liz’s team’s song is “Made A Way” and Melody actually sounds good. Some of the harmonies are off (read: awful). David’s teams sings “Diamonds” and it’s also not too bad though the solos are not so evenly distributed. Liz’s group is complimented for the harmonies but not thrilled on the song. Good concept though. David has the lyrics written on his hand and gets called out for that. You couldn’t do that in a concert” of course, in a real concert you’d never perform a song you’d just written and didn’t know so…The song was better. So they win.

Song choice time. Running this time. Lauriana was first and grabs original. Next is:
It’s Not Over by Daughtry
Just Dance by Lady Gaga
Girlfriend by Avril Lavigne
Thnks Fr Th Mmr by Fallout Boy
Call Me by Blondie
Every Breath You Take by the Police

Liz says he should have fought about it but Todd says there’s no point. Lauriana wouldn’t budge. Liz hopes Lauriana’s song would suck so she gets sent home.

Lauriana’s song is called Love, Traitors, and Fate and she gets positive feedback with the only critique that she needs to overannunciate since it’s an unknown. Monet seems perfect for Just Dance she just has to be aware of the vocals. David is playing piano and he’s told this doesn’t really fit the rock song he’s doing. It’s a safety thing. They’re told not to play it safely.

Kimberly Caldwell is all “look at me hosting” and I’m not impressed.

Liz is first with Girlfriend. Not enough actually singing for my taste. It’s such a young song. She looks kind of mad on stage. No country there though. The judges say…Rodney thinks she stepped it up and stepped out of her comfort zone. Tamara says she proved herself. (Backstage Monet wasn’t thrilled.) Laurieann wants her to focus more but she has what it takes.

Omotayo does Every Breath You Take. Didn’t P.Diddy do this as Puff Daddy once? Laurieann gets way into it. Rodney says not his best but he owned it. Tamara thinks he brought it, sang it,, delivered it. He’s been working out everyday now. Laurieann says he set the standard but go even deeper.

Monet up doing Just Dance. She looks a bit possessed but Gaga’s so crazy that it’s to be expected. Laurieann looks flabbergasted (really there’s no other word) and Tamara is covering up a laugh. Melody thinks it was too much. Rodney doesn’t see the praise from last week. Tamara wants to know what she’s wearing. Pull it together. Laurieann says she’s choreographed Lady Gaga and she needs her fire and focus back. Lauriana says not to count herself out.

David does call me. Rodney says he didn’t grow. Tamara thoguht it was sloppy. Laurieann thinks he didn’t rehearse enough.

sings It’s Not Over. And once again I don’t like her voice. Rodney says great job and Tamara says while not her best, nice originality. Laurieann says she’s a star.

Todd sings Thnks Fr Th Mmrs. Tamara wants to know why Todd didn’t do his own song, he must step it up. Rodney says he’s very unique. Laurieann says he knows who he is. And his gf was in the crowd. Cute.

Lauriana last singing her original song. A little dramatic…But it definitely suits her voice. Todd says it’s all right. Liz looks furious. (Because it’s good?) Rodney says it’s risky to do an original song but she pulled it off, best original song so far. Tamara gives her props but she needs to spend more time on articulation. Laurieann thought it was fantastic. Take it to another level though. She cries a bit.

Decision time…Monet is called forward along with David. Everyone else is safe and sent backstage. No best song choice? David went back into his comfort zone and Monet had a bad night. David is going home. Liz yells “what!”


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