Starmaker 6

Todd decides he will fight for the original song this week. And an announcement: no more guys and girls week.

Song choice:
Irreplaceable by Beyonce
Instant Karma by John Lennon
Higher Ground by Stevie Wonder
Unwritten by Natasha Beddingfield
Yellow by Coldplay
U + Ur Hand by Pink
Big Girls Don’t Cryby Fergie
Original Song

People are unhappy by the song choices. Omotayo was stuck with a woman’s song. Lauriana is screwed. Melody insists on an original. But for once, Lauriana fights for it. Though she doesn’t seen to get very far. But at least she said something for once. In comes Rodney and sees one song is not taken. He says it must be resolved now. Rodney suggests Omotayo giving Lauriana Unwritten and he do Irreplaceable because it was originally written as a male song. They agree. Melody is all “deal with it, I can’t believe this was even an issue” even though she’s a baby like that anyway.

Practice comes along and Omotayo does a great job. Lauriana is uncomfortable with her song but she does a good job. ChristopherJohn struggles with Higher Ground. Liz is sick so she’s unsure if she can hit the notes for Big Girls Don’t Cry. So much for big girls not crying because she leaves the studio and burst out in tears…Melody’s song doesn’t say much about her range from what we hear.

Stage rehearsal and Diddy arrives. But surprise! This won’t just be a rehearsal, the regular live audience has been canceled and this is the competition. Judged by Diddy. And 1-2 people could go home. He never has good news does he? He expects to see evolution.

Monet is first, performing Pink’s song. She’s been better, but not too bad for the first one up.Actually, she gets a bit worse as she goes…Diddy says she showed her growth and potential but still has work to do.

Todd next with Coldplay’s Yellow. Good song choice. (Remember when he was going to fight for original song? Maybe he decided to save that for later?) Diddy says not enough change. Well if he’s been doing well…why change it?

Lauriana is third performing Unwritten. It really is a good song for her but she needs to project a bit more. Confidence would go far with her. Diddy saw an improvement and comfort. It felt like she was fighting for her spot. He also loved the changes she made in the song.

Christopher John is up next doing Higher Ground. (All I can think about is that scene from Centerstage.) He needs to own the stage and give more.

Liz follows with Fergie. Not bad but Diddy says he didn’t like it and thinks she picked the wrong song.

Omotaya does Beyonce. Diddy is upset that Omotayo had not been working out every day and says he didn’t own the stage.

Melody has her own song next. Not a song I’d really listen to. Diddy says she commanded the stage but she needs a makeover. That’s unfortunate as I’d like her to go home…She’s all teary-eyed about his compliments.

David next. Last? Doing Instant Karma. I think he does a good job though he seems a bit jittery. Diddy says he didn’t commit well enough.

Judgment time. Monet, Lauriana, and Melody are called forward. They’re all growing, keep it up. They’re all safe. (Way to represent for the women.)

Todd and Omotayo are called up. Diddy says they haven’t changed and he asks them to say why they deserve to be signed. Omotayo says he’s different and people connect to him. Diddy keeps yelling at him for not working out everyday. But he’s safe. Todd says he loves performing and brings a lot of energy. And he’s different. Diddy wants to see risks and evolution. He’s safe too.

Remaining is Chris, Liz, and David. Chris gave nothing to the audience despite his normal swag. Liz went backwards (and she’s dressed like an old lady). David didn’t go all out. David will be staying. Liz, what happened? She was scared and not feeling well. Christopher says he didn’t own it. Christopher John is sent home. Liz…needs to step it up.


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