Glee: Hairography

Quinn considers keeping the baby. Puck is sweet and maybe just maybe she can make it work. Terri panics until her sister comes up with a plan: have Quinn babysit her monster children and get scared off. Quinn likes the idea of a test run and wants Puck to come but she needs to distract Finn. So she goes to Kurt and asks him to give Rachel a makeover. Kurt agrees, partially reluctantly as he dislikes Rachel and secretly likes Finn, but partially excitedly as IT’S A MAKEOVER! Rachel is all sexified and asks Finn over (even dresses in a catsuit from Grease) but he reveals that he is into natural girls (and she looks like a “sad clown hooker”) and Quinn is his one and only. Also, it turns out Kurt knew all along that this is how Finn felt (as he specifically asked Finn). While babysitting with Puck things go well and Quinn is all excited, only to discover that Puck was sexting Britney the whole time. He says he wants to be a good father but he won’t change who he is and Quinn realizes she can’t have the baby with Puck.

Meanwhile, Sue asks for the set lists from Schue which makes him think she is trying to leak their songs to the competition. So he goes to Jane Adams and meets with their head (Guest Star Eve) and invites them to a “scrimmage.” Apparently Glee Club is now a sport. And also, apparently at this first scrimmage only the Jane Adams girls perform. Jane Adams girls are thieves and liars so naturally they can’t really sing or dance. Instead they do “hairography” and sing “Bootylicious.” Schue gets intimidated by the hair dancing and decides to give everyone wigs and work on hairography with the club despite Rachel’s protests. Then the school for the deaf complains that they were not invited to the scrimmage so Schue invites them over. First his club performs their new hairography and is awful, then the deaf club signs/speaks “Imagine” and the Glee kids join in. Schu realizes that good singing is the way to go and adds “True Colors” to their list. Nice choice, reminds me of Save the Last Dance. Sure enough, Sue does leak the set list and gives a “convincing” argument as to why they should cheat to win.

Also, Terri tries to distract Schue from her lack of baby by buying him a car. He’s super excited and starts fixing it up until he realizes that it isn’t appropriate for a baby and sells it.

I’m okay with Puck sexting but not so okay with the way he spoke to Quinn about it. It seems out of character for him despite his attempts to be Mr. Cool. I’m not so okay with Kurt being such a jerk as FINN IS NOT GAY so acting like a jealous lover is just silly. Quinn thinking that a good job babysitting is equivalent to raising a baby is also ridiculous but then, none of the students seem very bright. As far as sectionals go, it looks like there’s no competition for them to make it to regionals so I’m not sure why we’re supposed to be anticipating a good show. Some good music tonight though, even Quinn sounded good this time. And hairography is the best term ever.

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3 Responses to “Glee: Hairography”

  1. Malaika Says:

    1. I’m so happy to see the subtle transition of almost all the solos going to Finn and Rachel to Artie and Mercedes getting a lot of them. Personally, I like the voices of Artie and Mercedes a lot better.

    2. Why didn’t the deaf choir get upset when New Directions joins in with them? I know it’s supposed to be a touching moment where the kids (and Will) realize they should be doing this for the joy of singing, not to win with gimmicks, but really?! If I were trying to express my inner music, despite not being able to hear it outside my body, I think I would get upset if a hearing group came and took over my song.

    3. I was very happy to see Sue back to her old tricks.

    4. TINA GOT A REAL SOLO!!!! I was happy to hear her sing a few solo lines in “Rollin”, but this time she got a whole song to herself! (Her failing to sing the song from Westside Story in the beginning of the show doesn’t count).

    5. Brittany just keeps getting dumber. . . .

    6. Glad we’re getting to see more of who Santana is. I guess maybe we’re supposed to assume the cheerleaders are all catty, dumb, self-centered, etc. (usual cheerleader stereotypes), but Quinn clearly is not so dumb, so I don’t see why we should make any assumptions about the other cheerleaders.

    7. LOVED the “Hair/Crazy in Love” mashup. So funny.

    I may have more, but I forgot to write it down after watching. Guess I’ll just have to watch again đŸ™‚

  2. Malaika Says:

    oh right. i think the jane adams girls *can* dance. its a different kind of dancing. i guess i’m just impressed by coordinated splits, maybe it’s not dancing, just shaking their butts, but still, i think they can sing and dance.

  3. Malaika Says:

    why does finn continue to tell rachel that he “really likes her, but. . .”? he knows she likes him, it’s just cruel, especially when he clearly has decided to stick with quinn, because he loves her. this episode made kurt and rachel realize they don’t stand a chance, but finn needs to stop leading rachel on, not nice.

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