The Prisoner

Hooray, another new show (on AMC)! Granted, there have been six episodes already but I have only just discovered it.

The Prisoner is an awesome new show (if you like dystopian stories, which I LOVE!) about a man who wakes up in the middle of nowhere by a place called “the Village” and is told that his name is Six and that there is nowhere else. The Village is a little utopian town where all is well, all people have numbers rather than names (so on tv soap operas, 2597 dates 5620 to spite 284 who is secretly in love with 86…) and everyone seems happy. Seems being the key word. The master villain, known as Two, is Ian McKellan, who runs the place (but begs the question, who is One?). Six is convinced that he “is not a number” and has vague memories of his past, living in NYC. (Oddly though, we never hear what he thinks his real name is.) The further he searches for answers, the more he gets pulled back in.

It’s a little hard to explain it all since it’s a made up world, but it’s pretty awesome. Sort of like the Giver. But without the actual Giver part.

If you’re looking for a new show, and even if you’re not, I highly recommend this one. And I hope that Ian McKellan gets an award for his role.


One Response to “The Prisoner”

  1. ax20 Says:

    Sadly, I have just discovered that this is a mini-series and is only 6 episodes. 😦

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