So You Think You Can Dance Top 12 Results

Starting next week the viewers will vote out the bottom guy & girl without say from the panel. I dislike this because then the solos are meaningless (no more dancing for your life) plus the judges have a better idea of what is good dancing. This means the contestants and choreographers will be challenged for chemistry but the top ten will know they are going on tour so cool for them.

The first two couples are Karen and Victor and Ashleigh and Jakob. The first couple in danger tonight is…Karen and Victor. As expected (and desired). Ashleigh made it into the top ten! After she almost wasn’t in the top 20! Mary says they’ve been growing so they have a chance to fight to stay in.

(Random thought- who else thinks “oh how the mighty have fallen” when they see Karen from Will & Grace in the I Can’t Believe It’s Not Butter commercial?)

The next two couples are Mollee and Nathan and Kathryn and Legacy. This is a tough one as Mollee and Nathan had a bit of a tough first number but I feel like Legacy is doing better than expected which isn’t the same as doing as well as the others. The second couple in danger is…Mollee and Nathan. Sad but hopefully they’ll have an awesome set of solos. Adam thinks the couples didn’t connect with the audience but if they get through they’ll have the chance to dance with new partners. Maybe as a couple, they are too young together. Adam points out that the clips before the performances are important too because it affects how the audience views you.

Noelle and Russell and Ellenore and Ryan. I kind of hope to keep Noelle and Ryan…I like Russell but I’m not in awe of him and I think I like Nathan and Victor better. (Once again they show the order of Noelle and Russell’s performances in the wrong order.) And I’d like to see Mollee and Noelle return. (I wonder if Noelle and Mollee are still as close as they were during tryouts. In the bottom is…Ellenore and Ryan. Nigel says he’s frustrated but then again the people who made it through were great too. He says Ryan is one of the best partners and Ellenore is one of the best girls. (Wouldn’t it be fun to see Ashleigh and Ryan partner but not for ballroom?)

Meanwhile, a dancer from the American Ballet Theater. Cool for her though I wish they’d gotten more than one dancer. Also, I’m not a fan of slow ballet. I much prefer it to be reinterpreted into a more modern style. But ouch for her toes…

Karen up first doing what is once again a relatively lame and repetitive solo.

Next is Victor with something cool and slightly odd.

Now Mollee. And she comes out kicking, again with a unique and exciting solo.

Nathan fourth. Also goo though I think last time was a little better. He had some good moments and some mediocre ones.

Fifth comes Ellenore. Her is interesting, not as great as Mollee but still good. I think a big choreographed routine by her would be interesting.

Ryan is last. His solo is sadly reminiscent of Karen’s (we get it, those steps are advanced but give us something more!).

Now we get Shakira. It’s pretty awful The only thing cool about the dancing was that it was a lot of people in sync. Shakira can’t really song, she did a move that looked like something most people only do behind closed doors and I hate when songs refer to the singers (for example the line “Shakira shakes her hips like nobody can”). Some of the dance moves looked particularly awkward when done only halfway by Shakira.

Girls: Nigel says that Mollee fought for her place in the top ten more so than any other. Ellenore gets a good reaction with the audience and the judges don’t know how she can improve. Karen meanwhile is a fantastic performer and it is difficult for ballroom to do a solo but it felt like she’d given up tonight. And therefore, Karen will be going home. (There’s something sad about the song being “Don’t Let Me Go” as they’re being let go.)

Guys: This decision is not unanimous. Victor has grown as a person and his solo was terrific. Ryan has been delightful but his solos are tough. His partner work is tremendous though. (Does this mean Nathan is leaving?) Nathan hasn’t really grown yet on the show. Nigel would have sent Nathan home but the choice was for Victor to go. Sad but I guess I didn’t want any of the bottom guys to go.


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