So You Think You Can Dance Top 12 Performances

Well, I’m still pretty upset about Channing leaving…but I can’t wait to see what they have in store tonight–two routines per couples right?

Finally Cat looks really cute, in a blue outfit that us not sinking into the screen (which is orange). Cat seems to be particularly hyper tonight. (BTW, my D key is broken so I’m trying to manage the entire thing with as little of that letter as possible, so in case it seems slightly off…) Theme: what they will miss when they switch partners.

Ellenore & Ryan first. Ryan’s a perfectionist. Ellenore is quirky as well as fun. They get They Lindy Hop (no escaping the letter there) with Carla Heiney. Carla likes to say awesome.There’s something slightly off/awk about the routine like they just miss the beat or are slightly iffy…but cool finish. Shankman says awesome, fantastic start! Ryan hurt his back this week but still ok. Ellenore improving every week. Great for energy. Mary claps. Welcome new choreographer. Right feel, great partners. Nigel thought it was terrible that the style has not been on the show in three seasons. Ryan is tall but he got into the floor.

Katheryn & Legacy next. Katherine helps Legacy with his flexibility. Legacy gets them into character. She’ll miss his presence. They get Jazz with SONYA!!! Man who quivers when he sees his woman. Sonya really knew how to use who she was choreographing for. All that bboy stuff. Plus Katheryn was way hot. Shank tells Sonya awesome! She showcases Legacy’s skills. All the way for this couple! Sorry for this partnership to finish. Mary says he’s one of the best crab-walkers she’s ever seen. Their performance was impressive. Kathryn is a marvel to look at when she’s on stage. One of Nigel’s favorites of the season. Katheryn was v. sexy as well as mature. Nigel thought Legacy was not musical in Vegas but surprise! Top ten.

New pairing Karen-Victor. They get a tango with Tony & Melanie. Interesting first three secs then too slow. I think this will get positive reviews but I’m not loving it. Shank says great poise Victor. Karen great energy. Hot chemistry. Mary says really great, surprise from Victor. Their pivoting, was up there, increasing the complications of the routine. Quality of movement for Karen phenomenal. Karen on the train, Victor picking up steam. Nigel is happy with this partnership. Their intensity is beautiful. He must watch his posture a bit. Karen has the quality that you just have to watch her. (Meh.)

Molly & Nathan up. Nathan will miss Molly’s laugh. Molly will miss his strange sayings & noises. Hip hop with Jamal Sims about Alexander Bell inventing the telephone. It is quite clever, very funny. Perfect song choice. Molly fumbles slightly with her suspenders. Nathan split his pants. Molly hurt her ankle so a couple bobbles. Nathan clearly loves hip hop. (his genre is hip hop?) Molly struggles a bit through but Shankman thinks it was nice. Mary says mostly fun & in sync. Nigel thinks they both have lots of talent but he can’t wait to see them with new partners because they’re both so young. He is positive they’ll be top ten but he must see them perform.

Noelle & Russel now. Russel is very calm. Noelle is affectionate. Tony & Melanie choreograph a samba for them. Noelle seems very stiff. Shankman says too nice, therefore out of character. (I care less about Noelle than when they were choosing the top twenty). Mary says not enough compression & bounce so it feels shallow. Performance level was phenomenal. Noelle has it going on. But a little shaking. Nigel (Shakira on the show tom) says it feels a bit eh. Not quite enough on the samba roll.

Ashleigh & Jakob. Ashleigh will miss their relationship. Jakob can’t say. They get lyrical jazz with Sonya (two Sonya routines! best night ever), about one content moment in life. Quirky Sonya if ever there was a routine. Shankman is speechless. Jakob gross pants! Ashleigh has grown so much, upset that the partners must break up. Quality of movement absolutely…you know…Jakob, surreal. Mary says it is clear how much they enjoy, their chemistry cannot be fake. Ashleigh is no longer a surprise, they expect it now. (She starts crying.) Nigel says this Sonya routine is even better than the other one. He must profess his love for Sonya’s work (she looks about to cry). They have given each other something special.

Ellenore & Ryan times two, get a Broadway routine with Spencer Lithe (?) where Ellenore will be a puppet. Perfect character for Ellenore. Finally a Broadway routine I enjoy!!! Shankman says great job Spencer. True Broadway, great job, character, energy. Ellenore was a rockstar. Thrilling night. Mary: HOLY SMOKES! Got the character, so many lifts but still got it. Wooo. Ellenore’s strengths, uniqueness. The “it” girl. Nigel loves choreography as well as couple. Phenomenal, so far six couples through to the top ten.

Katheryn & Legacy get a Viennese Waltz with Jean Mark & France Generaux. It’s about Kathryn in charge, showing Legacy the movements. She looks the part of the teacher the way she looks at him. Shankman spots Legacy crying. He is happy to portray hope. Shankman says Legacy has to work on feet & shoulders but fantastic. Katheryn fantastic, congratulations. Mary says they will both be okay. Not the best, the feet weren’t in the correct flex position. Kathryn perfection. Cat dares Nigel to be mean. Nigel says some things weren’t as up to par with what he can accomplish, Kathryn is gorgeous. She’s stolen the evening. Nigel says no clue who is safe it is a tough night. (I agree, can’t remember the last time I was unsure of who I want to leave.)

Time two for Karen & Victor. Hop Hop with LaurieAnn Gibson. Also exciting. The contestants see her as very inspiring. They seem just our of sync. That was actually a bit unsatisfying. Shankman says lots of commitment & intensity but something was not matching the music. Performance went well though. Mary thinks it was ok. Not memorable though. Ok but nothing to latch onto. Nigel agrees, unfortunate that the excellent tango was first. (Scratch what my comment in last paragraph. They are my least favorite.)

Molly & Nathan get a can-can (first time on the show) with Tyce. Anyone else think of Shop Rite? Shank thinks they were perfect to get this new style. A little better showing for Nathan because he got all the turns. But beautiful aerial. She kept her injury from showing. Mary says even with a weak ankle you “can-can.” Killing it. Enjoyable, fun. (okay) Nigel says every can can step was in there. Can can was scandalous because they originally wore no underwear. He agrees they were the perfect couple for this. Super way to finish up.

Noelle& Russell‘s final performance with Tyce for contemporary. Excellent. The theme is painting their relationship. It’s up there as best performance. Shankman says gorgeous. Noelle has redeemed herself for me. He thinks they are safe after that. Mary agrees that it was special, flowy. Beautiful. Nigel says they left us with something to remember them by. Noelle’s commitment was great. Russell’s technique improves every week. (Anyone catch the name of the song?)

Ashleigh & Jakob
get a chacha for the final performance of the night with Jean Mark & France. Ashleigh’s genre here. They’re fighting over a chair. Jakob is slightly awk here. Cat loves seeing Ashleigh perform that. Shank says this is Ashleigh’s universe, we’re all just visiting. Jakob was great. Couple of the night for him. Mary says they’ve blown it out of the ballpark with both numbers. So much fun to see Ashleigh in her own style. Cannot get any better than that. Jakob was there for her in partnering (sharp even if not bang on). Nigel says Jakob fit in fine. Nigel was happy to see a really nice routine. Waltzing into the top ten. I will say the cinematography was pretty awful.

(I can’t wait till we get to vote for one person rather than couples.) Something to note, they got the order wrong for Russell & Noelle’s routines.

The letter D was only in here 14 times! (15 with this one.)


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