New show, for me at least. I’ve been meaning to catch up on this one (I didn’t know about it when it premiered but my sister’s been recommending it for a while) so finally, having caught up on everything and needing a new show to check out, I found a site for this (

For those who haven’t heard about the show, it’s about a guy next Dexter who works as a blood spatter analyst for the FBI. He has a sister, Deb, working on Vice who wants to switch to Homicide. He has a girlfriend, Rita, who has two kids, and was abused by her husband (who is now in jail). He was also raised by kind foster parents. Oh, and he’s a serial killer. His foster dad, knowing of his murderous urges, taught him to channel those urges into killing criminals and, as a cop himself, shows Dexter how to avoid getting caught.

The show is good in an intentionally creepy sort of way. I find that though I enjoy watching the show, I try and avoid seeing the opening credits since it’s eerily gross without actually showing anything.

Once again, this is a police procedural show with a twist (though not one that brings in non-police officers to solve the crimes). I’ve only seen four episodes but I like that there’s an overarching plot happening rather than just having a single case that they solve each week. At the moment they are solving the case of a serial killer who murders prostitutes by draining their blood and then cutting them into pieces. Bigger storylines are always more helpful in showing people than formulaic ones and are far more interesting long term.

Deb is desperate to prove herself but having difficulty because Lt. Laguerta seems intent on shutting her down whenever she can. (It’s a little odd that she be so mean to her since she has something of a crush on Dexter.) I’m wondering if her being a successful woman in a male-dominant field, she’s threatened by another woman rising through the ranks. Maybe she thinks there isn’t enough room for two high-profile women.

There’s a large degree of insight into the politics of a police station which is interesting and not just between Dexter’s sister and Lt. Laguerta.

Anyway, I’m going to keep watching but I can certainly see why it’s made it all the way to its fourth season. Thoughts?


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