So You Think You Can Dance Top 14 Results

The opening number is choreographed by Wade and Amanda Robson. The theme was art coming to life in a museum. Choreography and performance wise it’s pretty awesome. Costume wise, nearly everyone of the contestants looked out of shape and heavy because of the draped, bare, white.

Nigel says lat night the show got back on track. Mary advices the dancer not to be overwhelmed by being in the bottom because they are so skilled to have gotten this far. Adam talks about how exhausting next week will be, when they have to do 2 dances (which is really three since they perform the show opener of judgment night).

The first two couples are: Ashleigh and Jacob and Karen and Kevin. Right off we find out that Ashleigh and Jacob are safe. I’m thinking Karen and Kevin are in danger. They’re the only easy choice from the seven couples left. Sure enough, they are in the bottom three. Adam wasn’t surprised. But he does say they are very poised and elegant. They’re a tough partnership but they need to bring it.

Shoot, missed some, (I tried out a new recipe and had to check the oven) but the three couples up next were Noelle and Russel, Ellenore and Ryan, and Channing and Victor. Ultimately Channing and Victor are in the bottom, sadly, and Mary thinks maybe it’s that they haven’t emotionally connected with the audience yet. But, she says they are tremendous dancers. (I hope they come back.)

Last but not least are Katheryn and Legacy vs. Molly and Nathan. Of the two I prefer the latter, though both performed well. Surprisingly, Molly and Nathan are the pair in the bottom two. Nigel is surprised, backlash from last week? He doesn’t think they deserve it but he’s pleased that he thinks the solos will be good. No pressure Molly and Nathan but he already knows your solos will be fantastic.

We get a professionally Bollywood group to perform the “halftime show.” What I don’t like about this is it felt like line dancing or the type of thing you’d see at a bar mitzvah (well, maybe an Indian bar mitzvah?). Maybe SYTYCD is spoiling us but this felt slow and not particularly impressive.

Solo time, hopefully they’re good this week…

Karen is first. That’s not a solo! What did we say about starting strong?
Second comes Kevin. Also kind of slow.
Channing comes on now. Better than Karen’s but it felt kind of frantic.
Victor next. Now that’s a solo! Maybe not as awesome as some from last season but finally!
Molly is fifth. Ok, I take it back THAT’S a solo. (Also is she wearing leather pants?) She’s also the first girl I can think of that does flips and tumbles.
Nathan is last. Well, not what I expected from him genre was but also really good.

Nigel has never seen some of the things he saw in the solos, for example, Molly’s cartwheel where she landed on her knee. Well, time to deliberate. Meanwhile, a new guest: Orianthi. (Who I got free on iTunes and I really like the song “According to You” though she sounds really off in this performance. Maybe she’s nervous? Or there’s a lot of touch up on the CD itself? Also, this is the kind of song you need to blast to really enjoy. Oh, and she definitely can actually play guitar.)

The judges were unanimous on both decisions.

Beginning with the girls…Nigel points out that they make their decision based on everything known about the person. Molly proved that she can dance like a woman, she’s definitely moving on. She showed everyone what “dancing for your life” means. Well, that was expected. I think they will keep Karen, they seem to love her. Channing’s technique is excellent but her personality isn’t coming out. Karen is a great performer and a star and therefore she will be staying. (I’m sad, I really liked Channing. Thought I do not like her clothes right now…)

Now the boys…Nathan is asked to step forward again and he proved what a good dancer he is, once again, and they’re delighted to keep him. No surprise there. Victor’s solo was very strong (but don’t just pirouette, do other things). Kevin always seems a bit uncomfortable in his routines so he will be leaving this week.


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