Gossip Girl: Last Days of Disco Stick

Dan walking down the block like he thinks he the coolest thing ever. We unfortunately get treated to some images of the threesome, mostly of the girls making out of course. (Must we relive that stuff?)

Serena meanwhile calls Blaire to deny that anything is happening between her and Tripp. She doesn’t want to fight anymore.

Blaire tells Chuck she doesn’t talk to liars. Chuck says she doesn’t know that she saw anything. So she uses the second grade as an example to show her sexual tension is always right. Meanwhile she’s “securing an alliance” with those in NYU who only care about rich parents. Tisch student. Chuck is busy doing work.

Dan tells Nate about the threesome and Nate says he’s stupid. The third person is supposed to be a stranger. The problem is that there’s usually a twosome and a onesome in a threesome. Dan says they’re both fine but Nate says he’s lucky to have both of them in his life. Here arrives Vanessa who says she thinks he’s been avoiding her. He asks her to a club just the two of them for old times’ sake. Cue awkward hug… Nate gloats, Dan denies.

Blaire’s background isn’t enough to get them in. She’s not invited to a cabaret party because she isn’t a serious theater student.

Olivia turns down another acting job. Dan says he was thinking of applying to a playwriting program. He tells her about his plans with Vanessa, it’s tradition, and she says it’s fine. But then excuses herself to grab a coffee without him.

Jenny and Lily discuss a date for Jenny for a gala. Chuck comes in with some papers for Lily. He has to entertain someone but Lily suggests that Jenny do it.

Blair finds Olivia in the hallway. SHe has a question about winning over shallow, superficial actors. Olivia was invited. She also says Dan needs the opportunity to write a play after he clears his schedule.

Serena leaves Tripp a note but he walks in and they’re awkward. (Hey Serena, maybe wear a shirt with a back if you want less of a spark. But no cleavage so that’s something) Tripp will be moving to DC tomorrow instead of Jan. He’s been distracted…Serena suggests avoidance. His wife comes and says she has to leave for something. She suggests Serena helping back the home office.

Nate speaks to his mother and tells him not to let his grandfather manipulate them. Serena shows up to talk to him. She doesn’t know who else to talk to about her feelings for Tripp.

Olivia arrives and sees Vanessa. They discuss barely seeing each other. Avoidance? Olivia denies. Vanessa talks about the concert excitedly. Olivia apologizes about the plans but actually Dan has to go to the Tisch event. Sorry.

Nate says he doesn’t understand this thing. Serena hasn’t felt this way since she was 13. He’s mean so she turns to leave. He apologizes. Well, they’re friends again.

Jenny talks to the Belgium guy. They’re at Central Park. Belgium dude has a plan. Some mean girls see him and she thinks the girls will be jealous but then he gts a toy sailboat and she’s worried about her coolness.

Head of Tisch gives a non-nice speech. Dan finds out Blaire is involved and isn’t happy.

Jenny calls Chuck unhappily. She then learns that the Belgium guy was actually dealing.

Dan calls Nate about advice. Stage one, the girls trying to prove who he belongs to. Nate hangs up to talk to Serena. Nate is the new love guru. He has her call Tripp to cancel coming over. Well, Tripp had a feeling. He doesn’t want to go without saying goodbye. How about lunch? Nate shakes his head before she can say yes. Nate will watch her until Tripp leaves. Tripps aunt shows up to talk to him.

Dan talks to Vanessa who realizes Olivia lied to her. He asks for Vanessa’s help. Blaire says she is surprised it isn’t horrible. He brings in Vanessa as director. No one seems happy except Vanessa. Blaire says sometimes when girls live together their hormones sync.

Belgium boy asks what an Upper Eastsider queen do. It sounds boring to him. He likes that his dad would suffer if he was caught. Danger makes life worth living. She says it was kind of thrilling. He introduces her to be with some friends.

Serena and Nate get ice cream together and they have a sort of flirty moment. Tripp calls. Nate takes her phone so she can’t answer. He’s going to take her to a bar to get drunk. She hugs him in appreciation and he has a “I love him moment.”

Vanessa tries to block Olivia out of the scene and they fight. Olivia says Vanessa “boxed her out” during the night. Everyone knows she’s in love with Dan. Olivia and Vanessa quite. Blaire sides with Nate on the screw up about threesomes.

Blaire blackmails the two about how she’ll tell everyone about the threesome.

Serena and Nate haven’t been out drinking alone since that time when they cheated on Blaire. He gets a call from Tripp, he learned that his wife was behind the scandal not his grandfather. He’s sorry Nate took the fall. What will Tripp do? He doesn’t know if he can see her again. Nate says separation now could ruin his chances of re-election.

Jenny at a club with Belgium. Drug trade about to go don, she pretends to be cool. He wants Jenny to do drugs but Chuck steps in. Jenny says she’s fine but he insists.

Cabaret night arrives and all are present. Dan says he and Vanessa are just friends. It wasn’t Vanessa who blocked her out, it was Dan looking at Vanessa and kissing her the way he’s never kissed or looked at her. Stop kidding himself about his feelings. Hilary Duff sings better than that…Olivia ducks out midway and Blaire forces Vanessa onstage. (Anyone else think this is a really long play?) He kisses her and flashes back to the threesome kiss.

Nate admits to trying to tell Serena he loved her two years ago. She’s the most alive person he knows. They’re about to kiss when Tripp interrupts. Of course.

Blair gets many congrats for the play. Dan gets offered help on his play application. Blaire has a surprise-Lady Gaga’s dress rehearsal (she’s as weird looking as ever). Dan sees Olivia and asks where she was. She needed him to kiss her for him to realize his feelings. She just got off the phone with KC and was convinced to do a movie. Be back in the fall. Vanessa says they need to talk, they are friends but she doesn’t like Dan like that and hasn’t in years. And the head of Tisch likes her.

Serena and Tripp talk (with Nate on the side). She wonders why Nate didn’t tell her. He asks Serena to walk with him. She agrees but Nate warns her not to. That line got blurry. (Um, no it didn’t he’s still married, even if he’s mopey.)

Chuck tells Jenny she’s better than that. She’s more bored than in Brooklyn. He warns her not to “go down the rabbit hole” (second rabbit hole reference this week–see Lie To Me?). Jenny goes into her room to text Belgium that she wants to odo it again.

And of course, Serena and Tripp kiss. (While Nate mopes.) Because it isn’t like we’ve already done this plot before.


2 Responses to “Gossip Girl: Last Days of Disco Stick”

  1. Malaika Says:

    Random fact: “Belgium boy” is Kevin Zegers, aka, Josh Framm, the boy from the AirBud movies. He was wonderful in Transamerica. Glad to see him in something again.

  2. sarah Says:

    Favorite quote: Blair, “did you bozos have a threesome or something?” She delivered it perfectly….again, this was one of the better episodes this season. I wouldn’t have minded seeing Jenny get arrested for this drug trade…also, seriously Serena…how could someone smart enough to get into Brown be SO stupid ALL the time??? Affairs and politicians….like that would EVER stay quiet!!! Rerun next week 😦

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