Chef Academy

Another new series on Bravo, Chef Academy, follows the attempts of “World’s Sexiest Chef” Jean Christophe Novelli as he and his wife come to America where he intends to open a new Chef Academy. In this first episode he interviews a number of different contestants, he’s looking for passion (he makes them make eggs in five minutes) and chooses nine people to take on.

The nine chefs in training are from all walks of life and levels of skill. Right off he makes them cook their signature dish so he can judge them from best to worst. Chefs are always judged so he believes they should get used to it. Interesting teaching method.

Also, as with many reality tv shows, there is a system of elimination. It’s different than most systems though, as it is not a competition. If you fail three tests you are kicked out of the school. How exactly those tests work is a question we have not yet seen, but I’m curious.

Contestants are:
Suzanne- a total real housewives of orange county type
Kyle K- Navy chef
Sarah- tattoo model with no formal training
Tracie- Ad exec
Leonard- attended Apicius School of Culinary Arts
Zoe- worked as a freelancer with the French Culinary Institute
Carissa- soon to be wife who wants to cook for her husband
Emmanuel- wants to host a cooking show, from France
Kyle D- has worked in restaurants

Considering that a few months ago I didn’t any cooking shows, I’m more than ready to sit and watch this one. Hope it turns out to be good.


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