So You Think You Can Dance Top 16 Results

The opening dance, themed native americans (or any aboriginals), is done by Dave Scott. And it’s pretty awesome.

Kayley wearing red in front of a red screen is poorly planned. How will America voting change the show? Some people will be in a position where they can’t be voted off where they might have been. (Molly and Nathan?) I do not like the cut of Mary’s dress. Adam points out it’s about a favorite dancer not the best. That’s the nature of the show.

First couple up is Ellenore and Ryan. They are in the bottom three. Not surprisingly. Adam says he’s excited for their solos.

Next are new couple Channing and Victor and Katherine and Legacy. Both got iffy reviews. After last night’s vote, the first couple safe is Channing and Victor. (Which says nothing about Katherine and Legacy, just to point out…) Sure enough, they’re safe too. Cat seems far too pleased about tricking them.

Kmart SYTYCD commercial with Dominque of season four.

Ashleigh and Jakob are up. Ashleigh looks stuck in the sixties. America voted them safe.

Pauline and Pete vs Russel and Noelle. Well, I’m going to say Noelle and Russel are definitely safe. The second couple in danger is…Pauline and Peter.

Lastly, Molly and Nathan vs Karen and Kevin. I like Molly and Nathan better but based on last night I would understand if they get kicked off or at least were in the bottom. Molly and Nathan are safe. Which means Karen and Kevin in the bottom three. (I’m not surprised, I think the judges love Karen but not necessarily the audience.) Nigel thinks Nathan isn’t learning lessons or growing and was immature (he was just joking around…get over it…).

Ellenore, Ryan, Pauline, Peter, Kevin, and Karen will be dancing solos this week.

Meanwhile, a dance from the Alvin Ailan American Dance Company. The dance is way weird, but the dancers are clearly quite good. I like the SYTYCD choreographers better.

Ellenore first. Very quirky but interesting.

Next is Ryan at a clear disadvantage because of his style but not too bad. It looked like he nearly landed on his face in the end. (Quick shot to Ashleigh in the crowd.)

Pauline is third. Not bad, some good moves, but I liked Ellenore’s better.

Now Peter, the last tapper with a much better solo than his genre-mates. I don’t know what about him made it better, but I like it more. (Tap is tough you have to create a good rhythm on top of everything else.)

Karen wins least favorite solo of the night. Yes, her genre sucks. And yes, she’s hot. But she didn’t really do anything.

Kevin last. Also not bad but eh.

Time for the judges to decide. Disclaimer, Nigel didn’t think the solos were great. He points out how great the soloists of last season were and they didn’t live up to it. Both decisions were unanimous.

Girls first. Karen is a hot dancer and he thinks younger voters might be intimidated by her sexuality. Ellenore needs to be careful that in her attempt at unique and quirky she doesn’t lose her competitive edge. Pauline has gotten by on charisma and personality, her dance is a little classroom convention and therefore, she will be leaving.

Now the boys. Ryan needs to do his round off into his back somersault needs to be better. His partner work has been so good but his solo must improve. Peter hasn’t shown his star quality. His solo didn’t come across. Kevin is improving every week and they will invest in him. Peter, the last of the tappers, is going home.

So far I’m liking the way I agree with all of the judges choices. (Remember when Peter had a mullet?) This means no rearranging of the couples next week.

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