90210: A Trip to the Moon

Dixon’s dad tells him he got him back on the surf team but Dixon doesn’t intend to rejoin. Dixon doesn’t understand why Sasha won’t answer his calls checking to see if she’s ok. He doesn’t want to go on, surf, while she’s suffering. (Remind me why Aunt Becky thought this was a better option?) Harry talks to his wife and she convinces him it’s for the best.

Silver helps her mother with her pills. They go over the next day’s schedule. She’s very organized. Always has been. But her mother didn’t realize or remember when Silver organized a student trip. Silver was also a stage manager for plays since seventh grade which requires organization.

In school Silver complains about homework to Naomi. Silver doesn’t plan to have a half birthday party this year. She’s too busy. Adriana joins them and says she’s doing better. She apologizes for being a mess. Naomi and Adriana scheme for Silver’s half birthday. Adriana is lacking in money. I wonder why…

Liam approaches Ryan about Jen. Ryan tells Liam he’s beginning to think Liam’s stepdad was right that Liam is “a bad seed.” Surfer girl comes up to him to show off her gross food eating skills but he won’t talk to her. When she asks he tells her to back off because she’s not his girlfriend.

Naomi works on Silver’s half birthday party. Teddy approaches. Naomi leaves, allowing them to flirt. He wants to know what the story behind the half birthday party was. On her tenth birthday her mom got trashed, ruining her party. She gave up on birthdays but half birthdays have no expectations so no letdown. Adriana sees Silver talking to Teddy and they exchange awkward glances.

Naveed watches Rumor Willis’s report about drugs. Jasper approaches asking why he told Annie that he’s a drug dealer. Jasper denies it. He should have checked his sources just like he does for paper. He’s just a guy without many friends. (He’s way more forward than a real person would ever be.)

Annie finds Jasper and they make lunch plans. Jasper has big news. He cut scenes together and showed them to his father. His dad liked it. The best part, he got Annie an audition for a small part in a Shia Lebouf movie. As long as she promises to be his friend even after she becomes famous.

Surfer Girl tries to find out what’s wrong with Liam from the guys but they don’t know and didn’t ask. She’s clearly worried and annoyed that they don’t seem to care.

Silver and Adriana talk. Or, Silver talks while Adriana spaces out. Silver wants to explain about Teddy, they’re…friends. She feels bad about that but Teddy’s been helpful because he understands having a mom with cancer. But if Adriana doesn’t want them to be friends she won’t be. Adriana says go for it if it will make her happy. Adriana excuses herself for the bathroom. AKA drugs in a stall. (Anti-depressants maybe?)

Teddy comes to Silver’s with her homework and coffee. She’s stressed because she has to pick up her mom’s medical records. Teddy offers to stay in the house with her mom while she goes.

Naveed asks Dixon how he’s doing. He wishes Sasha knew how sorry he was. Naveed spots Jasper get into a car. Adriana is waiting for him, she wants to buy more pills but doesn’t have the money. Oh wait, she has Silver’s half-birthday money. Naveed sees him get out with a wad of cash and then sees that Adriana was in the car.

Silver gets back home to find Teddy talking with her mom. They’re getting along well and playing cards.

Adriana’s phone rings. It’s Naveed. He tells her he saw her buying drugs. She denies. He still cares. She hangs up.

Dixon tells his parents he’s going to Sasha’s to make sure she’s ok. His mom says it’s a bad idea but he insists. She says clearly Sasha doesn’t want to see him. His parents keep telling him not to and he asks why. Well, time to tell the truth. “They knew Sasha was lying all along!” She didn’t want him to learn not to trust women but now he knows one woman he can’t trust.

Annie rehearses with Jasper for her audition. He says she’s great, if only she could see herself like he sees her. (Remember that whole she killed his uncle thing? Where’d that whole thing go?) Annie tells him she loves him. He wanted to be the one to say it first.More making out (creepy back music.)

Naveed calls Jasper a scumbag. Jasper says he lent Adriana money and she was paying him back. “If I was a drug dealer you wouldn’t want to mess with me.”

Liam sees some guys surfing and is all territorial. Then he tells Teddy not to use his wax.

Silver comes home and finds it decorated for a birthday party to make up for the ones she missed. First is astronaut themed for her seventh birthday. And there’s a 12th birthday themed with the eighties. Teddy helped for hours.

Dixon is working and his mom comes to talk to him. She admits she was wrong and he walks out on her. He says whatever, she’s not his real mom.

Camping party next. They talk about their past. Her mom was never there. But she apologizes. Silver says everything now makes up for it. She was scared she’d never have anything good to hold on to. Silver’s mom says her friends are coming over for a bbq for her half-birthday.

Dixon shows up at the beach to surf. Liam gets into a fight with some guys and they break it up. They run after Liam and insist he tells them the truth. He says someone’s been telling lies about him. Who? Jen. He tells them the whole story. He wants to destroy Jen before she destroys him and they all agree to help.

Jasper is drawing pictures of Annie when she comes in saying she didn’t get the role. Jasper assures her she will get her part one day. He says she’s innocent and wise. (Innocent huh?) She tells him she loves him again and she wants her first time to be with him. She’s positive she’s ready.

Liam runs up to surfer girl to apologize for snapping at her. He knows she doesn’t think she’s his girlfriend. We’re cool. Does she want to grab a bite? Maybe another time. She changes her mind. Tacos.

Naveed looks up information on Jasper. Rumor can’t help him get proof. Her friend won’t help.

Dixon comes in to Annie’s room to apologize. But Annie is obnoxious before he can so he says go to hell instead. She looks very upset. Well good.

Adriana finds Naomi and says she was mugged and lost the money for Silver’s gift. She’s a good actress…well, good at acting like an actress.

Dixon sleeps his mom looks in on him, crying. Can’t say I feel bad for her.

Silver wakes up to her phone ringing. They’re in the tent. It’s Teddy. He wanted to be the first to wish her a happy half burthday. She thanks him for the help with her mom. Silver goes to wake her mom but she can’t wake her up. She calls 911.


3 Responses to “90210: A Trip to the Moon”

  1. sarah Says:

    Well, you have to hand it to Teddy for being a caretaker to Silver and her mom to get into her pants…that should send Adrianna’s pill popping habit into warpspeed and then back ot the white stuff…I have to say 90210 has NOT dissapointed me this season aside from the absence of Kelly Taylor(like where is she? would she seriously be totally uninvolved if her mom was dying)? It appears Jackie Taylor is gone for good…I can’t imagine them keeping her around much longer. Also, what is with Dixon and Annie’s mom(aka aunt Becky to me and my friends)? She has been such a psycho this season! Next week should be great with the drug dealer meet the parents episode-great recap!

  2. Karla Says:

    Is Adrianna taking anti-depressants?
    Cos surely they wouldn’t have that effect on her, when Navid rings and she sounds out of it…

    Plus, they don’t have a visible effect on you, do they?
    And also, surely you can’t get addicted, otherwise doctors wouldn’t perscribe them…?

    Please comment back, it’s been playing on my mind, and no one seems to know what she’s taking…

    • ax20 Says:

      It doesn’t say what Adrianna takes, only that she is taking drugs. There are a number of options and it’s more likely that she is taking something like Speed.

      As far as anti-depressants go, while not generally considered addictive, they do have some side effects which can be visible but not in the sense that they’re eyes are messed up or anything like that. It’s more like nausea, dizziness, etc.

      And about doctors prescribing things that are addictive, they do all the time: narcotic painkillers like OxyContin or Vicodin, sedatives and tranquilizers like Xanax or Valium, and stimulants like Dexedrine, Adderall or Ritalin.

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