Gossip Girl: They Shoot Humphreys Don’t They?

It’s that time of year again: cotillion. Jenny is snobby about finding the perfect date. She wants Graham Collins, the hottest guy on the Upper East Side. If they don’t get her him, she will steal one of her girls’ crew escorts. Everyone is staring at Jenny, five prep schools?

Blaire has a surprise for Chuck! But Nate is moving in so the plans will not be happening. Lost weekend for the boys. Isn’t Blaire supposed to be a mentor at cotillion? But she can’t risk running into Serena! Shouldn’t they just make up? She loves cotillion. Dinner is at the Van Der Woodsons. He convinces her to give Serena the chance to apologize. It’s the charitable thing to do after all. Didn’t she already try to make up and Blaire turned her down?

Serena talks to Tripp about getting a job and he gives it to her. (Her responsibilities with Casey would translate well.) They reminisce about old times but she has to go host the dinner. She thanks him, their talk on election night meant a lot for both. Were they even hiring?

Olivia asked if you could get brain damage from learning too much. Rumors about a fourth movie for Olivia which she says is not happening. She’s have hundreds of phone calls about it. Or six missed calls…

Lily reveals that the other girls have been taking ballroom for years so Jenny has some catching up to do. She’s clearly freaked. Some girl says hi and Jenny ignores her. Eric is girl, Kira’s her escort. Kira says she can get Jenny her escort but he tells her to stay out of it. (He could do it himself…) She texts him anyway.

Olivia is upset because the movie is happening. They want to take her to do the things all college students must do.

Jenny tries to learn the dance from another room. Eric sees her. Jenny is afraid to make a fool of herself in front of everyone. It’s not enough to be queen of Constance, you have to be the queen of the Upper East Side. Eric gives her some tips and helps her out. She wishes he could be her escort but Eric suggests Jonathan. He is a Whitney after all. Graham texts Jenny saying he will be her escort but Eric sees it first and texts him back as her saying she has a date already.

Blaire shows up for the dinner and expects Serena to apologize but instead she just directs her to the list. Jenny is Serena’s Deb. Blaire tries to steal her away. Blaire points out that she needs a better escort. Serena offers Jenny to have Blaire as her escort.

Eric convinces Jonathan to be Jenny’s escort. Jenny is on the tipping point, she’s not Darth Vader yet and they can stop her from going over to the dark side.

Serena goes to Tripp’s because her night opened up. She brings him some food. She’d take real politics over cotillion any night. She’s the new media relations rep, how can she help with his speech. They have a clearly flirty moment but are interrupted before anything inappropriate can happen.

Kira approaches Jenny. She’s so impressed that Blaire is her mentor. Jenny finds out that Eric intercepted. She then tells Blaire she doesn’t need her as a mentor. Eric and Blaire want to get back at her.

Blaire finds Chuck and Nate together. They can tell that Blaire is about to explode despite her outer calm. Sum up of the fight in Chuck’s words: they each love the other more than the other loves them.

Tripp tries to avoid talking to Serena at all and she asks if she did something wrong. He says “this was a huge mistake.” He tells her he finds her “smart and charming” but he didn’t realize how much having her around would affect him. She gets a text sent by Chuck in Blaire’s name saying she doesn’t want to fight anymore. Serena runs out.

Blaire wants to make Kira queen. They must take down the queen. Blaire transfers her anger towards Serena to Kira and Jenny’s situation. Blaire helps her get ready. (Cue girls acting girlie and getting dressed.) Jenny gets ready to say goodbye to Jenny from Brooklyn.

College party for Dan, Olivia, and the third wheel (Vanessa). Olivia gets a text and has to leave. Some guys are upset with an for keeping Olivia from the movie. Olivia has to take the movie. She’s miserable.

Kira isn’t all that pretty but she’s dressed up. Eric and Blaire coordinated it so Graham will be taking Kira to cotillion.

Cotillion time. Jenny looks like her top is about to fall off. Nate is looking for Blaire he has a message from Chuck to go upstairs. Blaire asks how he got Graham to ditch Jenny. “What happens at Camp doesn’t stay at Camp.”

Olivia says she can’t let down the cast and crew. But her friends at college have given her the ultimate experience.

Blaire shows up to find Serena. They figure out what happened, Chuck set them up but when they try to go down the elevator stops. Chuck trapped them.

Everyone’s being called up on stage. Also, her name is Jennifer Tallulah Humphrey. Kira is called to be with Graham and Jenny leaves to lots of whispering. Eric tells her to let it go but Jenny is determined. She calls someone asking if they’re still at the party. Nate?

Serena and Blaire talk. Serena tells her about finding her dad. She was too ashamed to say anything. Everyone else’s dad loves them. Blaire comforts her. Serena can’t let it go. She can’t seem to get anything right anymore. Blaire tells Serena she can’t see or speak to trip without coming to her first. (Nice to finally hear actual thoughts from Serena.)

The last thing on their college to do list is have a threesome. Olivia’s only done it once, in a movie. Well, there are three of them. It’s the last thing on the list. There’s so much awkward about this. Olivia is determined to do it. Remember when Vanessa and Dan used to like each other?

Jenny is represented to everyone. Escorted by Nate. Nate is epic. And a college guy. Is he in college? Everyone applauds. More cotillion dancing. Blaire and Serena approach. The other queens pay their respects. Serena goes to tender her resignation.

Eric is upset and Jonathan approached. He’s upset that Eric sunk to Jenny’s level. Scheming with Blaire! So he breaks up with him. Jonathan liked Eric because of who he was, different, but not anymore.

Jenny tells Eric she had no choice. She invites him to join her friends and he turned her down. Jenny warns Kira about being above the radar.a doesn’t want to go back to social oblivion. Eric plans to take Jenny down for good.

Blaire intends to spend the evening with Serena but remember that Serena went to Tripp’s office…She tells him she quits but he says she deserves the opportunity and he trusts her. He will never cross the line. They’re adults. She agrees, friendly and professional. Blaire shows up just as he is a little inappropriate. Serena says she’s ok and will call her tomorrow. She’s angry and leaves.

Rufus tells Lily he doesn’t understand how cotillion works. He hasn’t seen Jenny so happy since she was eight. (That’s sad since this isn’t something that even really makes her happy.) Lily has something to do before going upstairs when she finds a letter from Serena’s dad to Serena.

The threesome happens and while they sleep Olivia gets a text saying the movie isn’t happening. Awkward…

In and of itself, this episode was on the slower side, but it does set up some good plotlines for upcoming episodes. I’m disappointed that Serena and Blaire made up so quickly but otherwise, I’m liking the direction things are going. Eric is scheming, Jenny has a rival, Serena’s story with Tripp is slightly lame (didn’t we already have the scandalous relationship with Nate?) but the dad thing looks like it might be interesting…


4 Responses to “Gossip Girl: They Shoot Humphreys Don’t They?”

  1. Malaika Says:

    I almost stopped watching at the threesome part. Made me uncomfortable to watch something like that on a show that’s not on Showtime. Not that there’s anything wrong with a threesome, but it felt like GG writers thought, “Hey, this show is about pretty people and we’ve already shown couples having sex, why not THREE pretty people!!”

  2. Malaika Says:

    And yeah, Nate is so not in college. Which, kind of surprises me. He’d be so much more useful in politics with some kind of higher education.

  3. sarah Says:

    I agree with the 3some part…I mean, it was a little too much BUT it does set up for a great cat fight between Vanessa and Olivia….and WHY do Blair and Serena fight for like a minute??? They need to bring back their fights season 1 style….also I agree with Malika about Nate…WTF is his purpose??? He goes to Columbia…which they stressed was on the opposite side of town from NYU and the UES…anyway, this slow season is geting WAY better and I think we are in for some juicy episodes before the holiday breaks!

  4. sarah Says:

    Malaika!! Sorry I mispelled your name!

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