Cake Boss: Battleship, Ballet, and Burning!

Buddy shows up at US Air Force. They’re having a formal dinner on the Battleship New Jersey and wants him to make a cake for the event. (Side note, the soldiers look so old.) This particular base is made up of men and women who have to take over hostile airstrips and make it functional in within 24 hours. Buddy also gets to take a ride in a humvee and partake in a training exercise. Wasting bullets in the US army. Joey, a veteran, particularly enjoyed being there. Buddy plans a runway with all that’s needed to turn it into an airport with a plane taking off. There will be tents, humvees, a forklift.

Buddy meets with Deborah to make a cake for the fifteenth anniversary of Dance Now, where choreographers and dancers premiere their work. They wear all manner of costume. Buddy wants a dancer on top and to use fabric. Buddy does a disturbing ballet imitation.

They are working on the cake when an alarm goes off. Buddy runs downstairs to find smoking. The pound cake is burning because Joey got called away. Buddy is pissed but finally he says just make another batch. Not so exciting as the title makes it sound.

At the top of the cake will be a dancer with a billowing skirt and the cake will be covered with flowy fabric. The dancer will be made of modeling chocolate.

Meanwhile, they start the cake out of a frame a cereal treats. The shape is the hardest place. He checks on the other pieces of the cake, including figurines which are too big for the cake…They argue over who said to do it. Buddy tells them to stop arguing and bickering and gives them a pep talk. Throw down hard! Dig down deep! We will prevail!

They cover the plane and then add windows and other little details. In walks Buddy’s relative, Grace (Joey’s wife) wearing Joey’s Desert Storm jacket. They begin putting the cake together downstairs. It’s 4×8 feet.

Meanwhile, they take pictures of the dancers to add to the cake. Plus they make it turn. Cue the dance theater. The performances look kind of weird but it might look different on a real stage in real costumes. Everyone applauds, as usual. The dance inspired the cake, the cake inspired random dancing! (iCarly anyone?).

Buddy is worried about finishing the airplane cake. The more they add, the better it looks. It’s pretty cool. Though the people are necklace which is funny looking. But otherwise, it’s huge. Now the real challenge, moving it and delivering it. The cake was so big they have barely enough room to get it out the back door. They manage to get it into the truck and drive over to the USS New Jersey. 3 football fields long. Using a cart they take the cake up and everyone’s cheering. The warmest reception they’ve ever gotten. Buddy makes sure to give his team credit.

Joey gets a special shout out and he makes a little speech saying the entire air force is a family effort too. He says he will always feel a part of the air force. They get Buddy an army shirt with his name and a rank (three star general at leave?).


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