Three Rivers

For anyone liking to watch gymnastics on TV, check out this week’s Three Rivers. Can’t help but notice that her uniform is the same as that of Haley Graham in Stick It (in a different color of course). Of course there’s a big spill that, like with Payson, is not directly related to the actual gymnastics but maybe be at least partially related to the drugs the gymnasts was taking.

What this show is still lacking is heart. The back story for the characters is Miranda’s dad basically ran the hospital and the chief of staff was secretly in love with him. Other than that, we basically know who is nice and who isn’t and that is about all.

I would like to say that this (and Trauma) are shows that prey on people’s fears and stereotypes. Like this week both a gymnastics and a carnival accident. Another commonality between Trauma and this show is that I keep having a hard time telling them apart. I’ll be watching Trauma and thinking “so which one will be getting a transplant?” or watching Three Rivers and thinking “where are the helicopters?” Certainly not the point you want to be at after almost two months (or even after just the first week).

It’s weird to see Katherine Moenning in such a non sex-oriented role. She’s still likable even if not the ruined commitment-phobic character so many have come to know her as in the L Word.

I also hate the color thing they do when they go to commercials and it’s supposed to be dramatic. It’s just…over the top. And who is that blond girl that Andy keeps flirting with? Because so far she has the best back story of them all and I don’t remember seeing her until now. Maybe for like a second but I certainly didn’t realize she was actually a doctor.

I know how much I’m complaining about the show. And yet I keep on watching. Almost like I keep hoping that something more/better will happen. It looks like both shows will be canceled before we ever get a chance to see.


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