It seems ABC is really targeting the sci fi/fantasy stuff. Lost, FlashForward, V, Defying Gravity, Eastwick. Not that I’m complaining. I love that stuff and I’m glad to see it making something of a comeback.

I’m also always glad to have another show on Tuesdays. Seriously, why is there nothing on? What’s the deal with that? Fox, move Dollhouse to Tuesday and see how the ratings are then! Or just sell it off to Syfy.

Anyway, back to what I actually wanted to talk about: V (The Visitors). The show is about aliens showing up, looking like humans, and offering to solve all the world’s problems. As promised by all the blogs and such, the pilot of the show is filled with great effects, action, and story. In short, it’s the perfect first episode. Much like FlashForward. My worry is that they revealed so much within one episode that the next few episodes will be sort of like FlashForward’s episodes following the premiere: less exciting and slow. I think there are more story lines in this show to keep us occupied at least, but even so it would have been nice to have more mystery. At this point it just seems like the aliens are obviously evil and we’re just waiting for the rest of the world to find out.

Specific story lines:
Lost’s Juliet plays an FBI agent investigating a terrorist sleeper cell. In the process she discovers that a) the aliens are really reptilian looking and the human skin is fake, b) aliens have been on Earth for a long time, perpetrating atrocities to put the world in chaos, and c) her partner is an alien. Meanwhile, her son is obsessed with them, in no short part because one of them is a hot girl (Kara from Smallville). Also in the show is Scott Wolf playing a news anchor hoping to further his career and bullied into doing interviews with the Visitors by the head visitor, an Anara from Firefly (on the condition that it only shows them in a positive light). Finally, we have an alien who is part of the rebels, trying to protect humanity from his kind. He’s also got a wife.


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