Greek: Friend or Foe

Casey awakens beside Kappy and gets dressed without saying anything so of course he wakes up. She’s late. Ashleigh’s going to wonder about her, it’s killing her that this is a secret. It’s only been a week. Kappy needs to tell Evan first. Kappy is nervous because finally he and Evan are friends. This tie they’ll get it right. Right? But all of the KT House catches them kissing so secret’s out.

Rusty and Dale decide they need to talk. Rusty needs half his cable bill. It’s time for the grant decision. The better man will win…

There’s snapping? Ashleigh’s singing. ZBZ is dancing. Song fest prep. Beth is freaking out. She’s a dance major and people aren’t quite getting it. Ashleigh questions Casey who tells the truth and the whole house finds out. Rebecca says she rarely tries to sleep with the same ex twice. All Ashleigh can say is wow. They Casey because she’s one of the best dancers. Casey gets a text from Katherine. What does she want?

Evan and Kappy meet and Kappy has a hard time telling the truth…quite rambling and just say it. Finally he comes out with it. Evan plays it cool. Does he have feelings for her? (After all that’s happened!?!?!) Nothing will change, they’ll all be pals. “Like Harry Potter and the other two.”

Rusty’s professor to stop worrying. Dale’s professor tells him to play head games with Rusty. Dale doesn’t know that it’s necessary but he makes a mean comment anyway. Rusty responds with an equally lame remark. Back and forth but Rusty brings in the landlady and it gets too personal.

Calvin comes home and Grant is in their room. Grant hopes that if he shows them he’s a good brother they’ll take the news about him being gay better.

Casey is pissed with Katherine. Katherine says she’s above the houses. She wanted to speak to her about being on Pan Helenic board. She needs someone who isn’t afraid to disagree with Katherine. Casey would get a clipboard. She’d be vice president of judicial. One issue, she must be impartial, she can’t be in inner sorority performances. So no skit for ZBZ. That’s silly, she’s not judging it!

Kappy and Rusty chat. Dale and Rusty need to work it out. There’s a cricket in the house. Or many crickets, coming frmo the fireplace. With a note from Omega Chai. They think it’s from Evan Chambers. Kappy confronts Evan later but he says he didn’t know. He thinks it is about Casey. Evan says he doesn’t think they’ll work out but Kappy insists it will be different.

Casey tries to break the news to Ashleigh. Ashleigh is upset. Jealous of Katherine?

Results time. The finalists are…Dale, Rusty and others. They need more time to evaluate and will announce the winner next semester. Uncool!

Evan asks Calvin about the prank and he guesses it was Grant. Grant invites Evan and Calvin to poker. Grant offers to buy Evan in and out goes the jerk. They open the door to Omega Chai and find a wall with the words “you hit the kt wall” painted on it. They gather to await the results. Ashleigh sees Fisher talking to a girl and when she asks who it is he sidesteps. Another cheat?

The Omega Chaistell KTT that they’re in. Rebecca asks Evan out. He can’t but later.

The judges have scored the result. The winner is…Gamma Psi. Katherine says. No one cheers and the entire audience is upset. DId Katherine tamper with the votes? she tallied the votes. Casey says they’ll just have to check the original score sheets which are on and they

Time for song fest rehearsal. Casey assures them that ZBZ will be better than Gamma Psi. Rebecca calls Natalie a leprechaun. Katherine told Beth she can’t perform or use the dance because she isn’t a current member (she deactivated last semester. Did she not reactivate?). Oh, and she’d like Casey’s answer. Casey turns her down because her house needs her.

They decide Katherine is the new Franny but maybe worse (I like that the show is willing to get rid of old victims and bring new ones). The guys fight about the pranks, Casey tells them not to let the houses get in the way. They need a common enemy. The KTs and Omega Chais both hate the security guard so they should team up against him! Good idea Casey.

Calvin brings a peace pie for Rusty and Dale. What will they do? Time for a battle bots war to settle this. Leaving Calvin going what?

The ZBZs can’t figure out what to do. Abby has an idea. She choreographed three high school musicals, the last one was senior year. Oh, and “we’re all in this together.” (get it? it’s the choreographer from HSM–I liked her.)

Kappy announces the plan, no one takes it well. He uses nonsense to convince them. Evan proposes the plan. Tripp continues being a jerk. The Evan Chambers they voted for would have made a plan himself. Or maybe they need a new president?

Song Fest is on. ZBZ goes and…they seem to be delayed. What is taking so long? The music begins and it turns out they’re in the crowd. It loos a little HSM style but it’s pretty awesome. Asheligh sees Fisher talking to some girl but when she asks who it was he sidesteps. Cheating again. Fool me twice…

OC says they will prank with KTT. What’s the plan.

Katherine announces that Gamma Psi won. Everyone in the audience is upset. Katherine counted up the votes did she cheat? They just need to see the original score sheets on her clipboard.

Rusty and Dale are ready for their battle. Dale reveals that he’s been working forever for this grant and things just work out for Rusty. If things were fair he’d win the grant. Rusty said he worked hard too. Calvin points out that all Dale has is science.

At Gamma Psi House, the ZBZs break in to find the scores. Ashleigh finds them. Someone gave them a zero while giving the Gamma Psis 100. Meanwhile all the other judges gave the ZBZs high 90s and the Gamma Psis low 80s. But Rebecca left a lit candle in their house and soon the whole house catches fire.

The OCs all leave the KTs mid prank. They hauled the golf cart onto the roof but without the OCs help it falls. The OCs called the cops. Evan tries to warn him to run. Three of the KTs get caught.

Rusty vs Dale. Ah the geeks around. At first Dale is winning but then Rusty seems to get the upper hand. Until Rusty releases the controls to let Dale win. He and Calvin give each other little smiles.

Evan shows up at KTs saying they need to talk. Kappy doesn’t want him in the house. Evan said he had to do it to get his house back. The three brothers who were caught were expelled. Friends vs brothers you have to choose your brothers. Evan says Kappy has everything while his house is all he had left. Kappy says that’s true now and leave through the back if you’re smart.

Katherine shows up at the ZBZ house. She says she plans to investigate. Katherine says whoever is at fault will be punished. ZBZ is the most affected. Wait, what? The house burning?! Katherine runs out. It turns out Katherine was always be completely honest. Ashleigh suggests turning themselves in. Casey points out they don’t know what happened so don’t say anything yet. They need to make a pact, pinkies up. “We the sisters of Zeta Beta Zeta promise never to tell anyone outside of the walls what happened tonight.”

Rebecca finds Evan in her room. He needs a friend. They make out. So much for the not sleeping with an ex.

Casey and Kappy talk. Kappy says he lost four of his best friends. (The 3 KTs and Evan.) Well, at least the house didn’t burn down.


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