Arrested Development

The first time I tried this show I didn’t like it at all. Maybe I was just too tired to appreciate it. Maybe I just needed more time to get used to the characters. Whatever the reason, I was not interested at all. Then I came home and my brothers and sister kept talking about it so like with so many other shows, I figures I would have to try it again. Now I’m loving it, and have made my way through a season and a half, courtesy of

Arrested Development is about a rich family that falls apart after the father is arrested for numerous misdeeds. In truth, the family was falling apart before that because they’re all crazy. There’s George Senior, the dad. Oscar, his identical twin brother who is pretty much a bum. Lucille, the mother of the family who is overprotective and overbearing. Gob, the oldest brother who is obsessed with magic tricks. Michael, a single father and the only responsible family member. Michael’s socially awkward son George Michael who is overly studious and secretly in love with his cousin. Lindsay is Michael’s twin sister (Portia de Rossi), she loves campaigning for causes and is very lazy. Tobias is Lindsay’s husband, an ex-psychologist, failing actor, and a never nude (which is exactly what it sounds like). Maybee is Lindsay and Tobias’s rebellious and sneaky daughter. There is Buster, the youngest Bluth who is the most developmentally stunted thanks to Lucille’s attention. And I suppose we could count Anyong, the Asian boy that Lucille adopted when she wanted to teach Buster a lesson. (Anyong means hi, no one actually knows what his name is.)

Michael is forced to run the company in his father’s absence and mistakes. The family has so many financial problems that he has only a staircar (think the stairs for private planes) as transportation but his family seems not to understand this and continues living as though nothing has changed. Lindsay married Tobias in an act of rebellion so their marriage is always iffy.

The comedy is really off-beat, sometimes in your face and sometimes subtle. I think Portia de Rossi is my favorite part of the show (she’s fantastic on current show Better Off Ted) and wish there was more of her in the show. Of course, this is the show where we first meet Michael Cera, playing George Michael (so funny to see him so little!!!)

Anyway, if you’re looking for a show to watch, this is a great one, especially since there are plans for a movie in the works.


One Response to “Arrested Development”

  1. sarah Says:

    This is one of my FAVORITE all time shows…drives me nuts when you see such crap on TV and this is off the air…however, they will be making a movie!!!

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