90210: Women’s Intuition

Jasper flirts with Annie about what a great actress she is. It’s like, there’s pain in her eyes and it’s real!

Dixon goes to see that old girl he was dating. She wants to forget about the fact that she’s pregnant but he points out there’s a time limit on these things. No there isn’t Dixon, she’s keeping the baby! (Are you sure it’s even yours? Did you not use protection even after what happened with Adriana? You might be stupider than I thought…Is she even pregnant?)

Naveed and Teddy are awkward around each other. Naveed is still hurting. Adriana tries to win him back by pulling a role reversal: writing a song for him. He turns her down. She cheated on him to date Teddy and was going to lie to him. Good for you Naveed! Like a song would make things better?

Liam insults the surfer chick by saying she’s not a girl. I like her though she does talk like she’s an airhead, man.

Jen shows up at Ryan’s complaining about her shoes. He says it isn’t a great time because he has a date with Ramona. (Jen’s dialogue sounds so fake, but I guess that fits her fake character.)

Dixon tries to lie about being late because of practice. But his dad knows he isn’t on the team. They keep asking him questions but that girl (Sasha!) sends him a billion texts so finally he admits getting her pregnant. Not a girl, an adult woman! Aunt Becky (what’s her name on the show?) is pissed! Dixon says things don’t have to all be different, Dad had a baby when he was a teen. He doesn’t even know how this happened, they were safe ALMOST EVERY TIME. Sasha texts him about cramps. The parents come with her. Sasha doesn’t want Dixon’s mom to call the doctor. (Because she’s not pregnant!) Dixon’s mother is suspicious. Is Dixon 18? I kind of want the family to sue. Sasha is rude to Dixon’s mom and tells her to leave.

Ryan tells Liam he won an essay contest. He’s happy even though he tries to pretend otherwise. Surfer girl says her mom hooked them up for a party but Hollywood parties aren’t Liam’s thing.

Naveed, having learned from Rumor Willis that Jasper is a drug dealer, confronts Annie with the information. He says he’s worried about her (he guesses) and she tells him not to be.

Jen shows up at the bar where Ramona works. Jen is rude as always and plants a seed that maybe Ryan is dating her as a charity case.

Naomi and Summer come to Adriana’s aid. Adriana skipped school because she’s miserable.

Dixon’s mom, Deb, remembers meeting Sasha at the nail salon. She thinks something is off. Deb is sure she is lying. Harry doesn’t think she’s right. They have a cute parenty moment.

Silver and Naomi come up to Naveed to say Adriana isn’t doing well. He says that’s not his problem. They’re afraid she’ll start using again. Maybe he can ask her to go? Even if you’re not her boyfriend you still care!

Ryan confronts Ramona at the country club. You’re jealous! It’s unbecoming of him to date other girls. Or not fun. It’s not fun for Ryan when she dates other guys. They aren’t really sure about the resolution to their argument and nether am I.

Jasper is talking to Annie about his movie. Annie doesn’t look happy. He has a lot of money and Annie asks where he got it. (He avoids the question by talking about paper.) So she outright asks him. Jasper is upset about that “I thought you were different.” He’s upset because he never doubted her when people gossiped about her. He leaves her. Well, there goes her last friend. There might have been a more subtle way to ask that.

Teddy and surfer girl insist that Liam join them for the party and woah, she’s in a dress and wearing perfume and she looks hot. Teddy acts the playboy. Jen is at the party with Ryan and introduces him to some people. The band maybe? Ryan then introduces him to Liam. Awkward. Jen acts like she’s never met him, Liam is upset and leaves. Jen asks Ryan if he’s ok,” he seems troubled.” Ryan thought he was getting through to him.

Naveed goes to Adriana’s house. She starts crying a bit and he suggests a meeting. She asks him to come and he says it isn’t his place. Adriana freaks out. He tells her it’s up to her.

Liam sees Naomi and gets all upset. Teddy calls surfer girl out for having a crush on Liam. She denies it. While Liam is at the bar, Jen approaches. She wants things to be okay between them. He says she’s afraid that he’ll tell Ryan what happened. Finally someone leaves her stumped.

Deb finds Sasha at some coffeehouse. She says she didn’t know the truth about Dixon until she met Deb at the nail salon. Sasha is drinking coffee and Deb says she shouldn’t be now. Deb finds out which doctor she is seeing. Deb then traps her in a lie about the baby and tells her to stay away from her son. Well played Deb!

Jasper filming by the Hollywood sign. Annie is waiting for him. She’s crying and apologizing. Tell the truth now Jasper! Them against the world, right? He hugs her in forgiveness and they kiss. (Remember how she killed his uncle?) He tells her not to doubt him ever again. It’s sort of creepy, like a demand.

Silver gets a text from Adriana. The band goes on. Silver and Teddy share a smile over the crowd. Ryan dances like a geek. Surfer Girl sips her drink and eyes Liam. Naveed shows up and sees Teddy. Teddy apologizes for being a jerk. Naveed says he appreciated that he was honest at least. Liam points out some cute girls and encourages him to flirt. As does the DJ? Guy or girl, I can’t tell. Teddy finds Silver at the bar. SHe’s not really having fun but at least she’s trying. She doesn’t want to talk about her mom. So he talks about his hair care. Adriana arrives in time to see them talking and Naveed with the girls and runs out.

Jen looks all worried. She tells Ryan that Liam is self-destructive. She says he propositioned her twice, at the party and now. Ryan gets angry and Jen tells him to calm down. Liam doesn’t deserve him.

Deb and Harry find Dixon crying. Sasha called saying she had a miscarriage and doesn’t want to see him. He’s relieved and guilty and sad. Deb, tell him the truth! Instead she says these things happen and if you learn you will be okay. Seriously?!?!

Ryan runs into Liam. Ryan says he’s angry for Liam hitting on Jen. Liam is shocked of course. Surfer girl is all alone.

Deb and Harry talk. Why’d she lie? It would hurt him too much, break his heart. (Right like losing a baby isn’t worse.) She tells him he has to trust her sometimes.

Surfer girl brings Liam his party favor. She asks if he’s ok, he looked upset when he left. He doesn’t want to talk about it. Should she go? Nah. What’s under the huge tarp? It’s a secret? Why was she dressed up? She liked to remind people she’s not a dude. And she kisses him. He doesn’t want anything serious. She laughs it off. What are you a girl?

Back at the Hollywood sign Jasper and Annie make out a bit and she apologizes for him missing the sunset footage. He gets a text and runs to the car to get something. AKA drug deal. For Adriana. Who looks awful. (She does not get to be the victim what she’s the one who did everything wrong!!!!)


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