White Collar

Woo hoo, new show! After getting so many shows in such a short period of time, I was starting to miss having something new to try every day.

Think Catch Me If You Can if the movie continued in tv show form. Four months shy of his release, expert white collar criminal Neal (played by Brad from Chuck) breaks out of jail. The reason: his girlfriend is leaving him and he wants to catch her. But his escape will earn him extra jail time unless he can do something about it, namely, he helps Peter, the officer who arrested him catch another criminal.

So far there’s only been one episode, which I watched on my iTouch (free from iTunes right now!) but it was a lot of fun. They’ve managed to mingle a few different story lines together within the pilot (rather than just give us formula like so many shows do in the beginning) including the actual criminal capture, Neal’s release details (and escapes), Neal’s criminal contacts, Neal’s accommodations, searching for Neal’s gf, Peter and Neal, Peter and his wife (Tiffani Thiessen). This just goes to show you, I only like police shows that don’t revolve solely around a standard police groups solving the cases.

I can’t think of the last USA Network show that I really liked but with such a good pilot, I can’t wait to see the rest of the show.


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