The Ruins


  1. this is the first season where it is a girl who gets sent home for fighting (Veronica taunts Tonya until she gets violent)
  2. the elimination challenge no longer involves picking from a set number of challenges (last season we had the same elimination over and over again)
  3. lots of drama (there’s a sort of Evelyn, Kelly Ann, Wes, Johanna, Cohutta mesh of issues, not to mention the whole Wes vs Evan and crew)
  4. the elimination nominations are a little bit more sensible (the buddy system last season was annoying)
  5. Veronica manages to sneak out of the Ruins which just goes to show you how coordinated they all are


  1. the teams are so unbalanced it’s kind of ridiculous (Challengers have lost virtually everything)
  2. Evelyn got “sent” home early because the champions are made of jerks
  3. Susie is a hot head (if someone could set up a challenge between Evelyn and Susie or Ruthie and Susie I would be thrilled)
  4. Wes is kind of an idiot (sure, Evan and crew are jerks but if you threaten them before they do anything wrong, of course they’re going to hate you) and so self-righteous that it’s hard to sympathize with him
  5. it’s such a popularity contest, it irritates me that the elimination nominations are not done strategically most of the time
  6. the challenges are almost always men oriented to the point where the women are always looked at as burdens

Despite all of it’s problems, I enjoy it. I kind of want to do it myself…


One Response to “The Ruins”

  1. sarah Says:

    OMG…Ruthie? Tonya? Veronica?? Suzie??? These crazy b!tches are older than me(as in I haven’t hit 30 yet…)!! Is this like their job to do these challenges???

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