Gossip Girl: How to Succeed in Bassness

I love the way they incorporated everyone’s story lines into a single, larger plot. Well, mostly.

First to the extraneous stories-
Lily and Rufus- once again the dullest part of the show, the parents adjust to their first Halloween in the rich side of town. What Rufus doesn’t know: they don’t get trick or treaters there. But no fear, Lily hires kids to come to their door multiple times in different costumes so Rufus would see that he hadn’t let everything he knew behind. Even though he did.

Jenny and Eric- I’m actually kind of glad we got back to his plot point, even if Jenny’s annoying and stupid. (I like Eric, he’s the only person on the show who is genuinely nice in every part of him and doesn’t do scheming.) Now Jenny is having a Plastics moment here
Jenny: You know I had to dump yogurt on you. I had to pretend to be plastic.
Eric: Hey, buddy, you’re not pretending anymore. You’re plastic. Cold, shiny, hard plastic.
Or a cookie monster moment. “Looks like plastic, feels like plastic…” You get the point. So much for making things better. Why does she care about maintaining her crown if she can’t do anything with it?

Now this is where things get complicated because the plot lines are all convoluted:
Dan and Olivia- Dan finally watches a movie of Olivia’s (despite Nate’s warnings) which includes a sex scene with her boyfriend of the time. Rumor has it the sex scene was real, not acting. Dan gets upset so Olivia tells him it was a relationship staged for the publicity. This is of course a lie.

Serena and…- Well, Casey wants Serena to break up Dan and Olivia and get her back together with her former co-star. Good publicity and all. Serena refuses but she has an idea of how she can prove herself to Casey.

Blaire and Chuck- Chuck doesn’t forgive Blaire and refuses her help in opening his club. Instead he turns to Serena and asks for help planning the opening by getting celebrities to come (of course, Casey finds out and is none too pleased but Serena says she will be bringing Olivia and the ex–Peter?–together there so Casey relents). Serena convinces Olivia to come to the club and pretend to be with her ex. Blaire is upset about Chuck not confiding in her but seeing that Chuck is having difficulty getting a liquor license, she contacts Uncle Jack for help. Chuck finds out about Jack’s involvement and gets upset, Serena sides with Chuck on this one. Chuck and Blaire call the cops to break up the party, thereby getting publicity for the club. The only problem: it also puts Serena on the spot, getting her Casey’s celebrity list on the news with negative press. She then gets Dan and Olivia photographed kissing and then kisses Olivia’s ex herself, thereby getting publicity for all of them and pleasing Casey. But she doesn’t forgive Blaire for screwing her over.

Does this mean we’re back to the Serena vs Blaire war of early season one? That could be exciting. I’m very annoyed at Blaire at this point. For a while it was like, her mom is awful maybe we should feel bad but not anymore. To screw over Serena (twice!!) and say “well you chose Chuck and so did I” is totally uncool.


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