Greek: The Wish Pretzel

Rebecca is leaving with a billion things. She and Casey banter back and forth about Rebecca being the label whore and Casey preferring vintage. Casey reveals her intent to catch up with an ex, saying she won’t be hooking up with him just because Rebecca would. When Casey asks Rusty if he’s ready, he says they’re not going home. Mom and Dad canceled because they’re going to Maui 9well, who can blame them?) but that explains why he and Dale are going over cookie making schedules. Casey missed this because she skips her mom’s messages (which tend to be long and ridiculous). So she’ll be joining Dale and Rusty for dinner.

Evan will not be going home and neither is Cappie. They should hang out and play golf but Cappie has a turkey hunt. Evan convinces Cappie to skip.

Dale is applying for a grant so he plans to work over break. Rusty isn’t applying. Casey finds ZBZ empty so she does a Bring It On style sing and dance into a hairbrush on a bed. In comes Rebecca to be rude. Her flight was canceled so she’s home. Just the two of them.

Rusty invites the KT’s to Thanksgiving dinner. Cappie reveals being unable to come because he has a “charity golf thing.” Rusty gets an idea for his science project. He tells his teacher and…it sounds plausible. If it works he might have a shot at the grant. But Dale is going for the grant, is it ok to go for it too? There are no friends in the lab!

Casey is alone doing her nails and hears something creepy. Rebecca, is that you? Creepy music, heavy breathing, creaking…Casey finds Rebecca at the door. It’s like the Shining in ZBZ and Rebecca is freaked out so she’s going to camp out with Casey. Casey would rather not but Rebecca guilts her into it, just for the night. She has a rain machine to make her sleep soundly (or makes you have to pee).

Dale gets up to find Rusty dressed and ready for the lab. Rusty reveals that he might go for the grant. You can’t call grant dibs (right?) so Dale reluctantly says he can do it. And then decides to join him in the land.

Rebecca decides not to sleep in Casey’s room again because Casey snores. Casey decides to volunteer in the hopes of good karma. Rebecca is writing a $10,000 check. Rebecca is going to volunteer with Casey (why has she suddenly become her shadow?).

Turkey hunt time. The guys are idiots and clearly need Cappie’s help to solve the clues. Evan texts saying he’s running late.

Rebecca and Casey show up to volunteer but they’re full. So Rebecca writes a check.

Rusty does his science experiment. It works. Or does it? Dale gets nervous and keeps butting in. Rusty’s adviser tells him to keep the project more secretive. Meanwhile Dale’s project sets on fire. Rusty keeps working while Dale has to restart. Dale looks like he’s going to cry and his adviser calls and tells him to make up the work anyway. And then, Rusty’s light bulb seems to be working. At least slightly. Dale leaves dejectedly.

The search continues. Beaver is disappointed to learn that Cappie doesn’t know everything (namely, that Heath was graduating in a few weeks and moving out). He hasn’t been around lately so they started the going away party without him. Cappie cancels on Chambers to continue the game (plus, the next clue is at Omega Chai).

Casey is desperate for good karma. Rebecca gets her to admit that it was a booty call. Rebecca admits she dreaded going home so she canceled. Along comes Evan and Casey invites him to the dinner. Rebecca invites herself over too.

Tense moments for Dale and Rusty as they prepare dinner. Dale cancels dinner. Now Rebecca asks what to do now. Casey notices how many people are still on campus for Thanksgiving so she invites all the volunteers to the ZBZ house for dinner. Can she even do that?

Dinner is microwave pizza. Meanwhile the hunt comes to the Omega Chai house. Cappie finds the next clue but they want to prank the house before they leave. They suggest pranking Evan and Cappie turns down the idea. Cappie pretends they’re not allowed to prank anyone on vacation. What’s going on with Cappie? He’s different. Why would he want to go through the pain with Casey all over again? To be with the love of your life?!!? They do leave a KT RULES sign.

Rusty finds his professor who talks about how his friend screwed him over in the past and when going for the same result, both can’t win.

Casey is shocked that she and Rebecca are getting along. Casey wants to invite Cappie. Rebecca wonders if Evan had seen her flirting with someone. A guy puts on Ashleigh’s shirt and it’s time to end the meal.

Rusty catches Dale reading Rusty’s notes. He should be honored, now he sees him as competition, no longer the anchor. Rusty is hurt to hear that Dale looked down on him all along. Casey gets a text from Rusty about dinner at the KT House. Evan leans in to kiss Casey but she turns him down. She wants more than a booty call (so does he) but not with him. They agree to go to KT’s dinner, even Evan. Rebecca flirtatiously pulls him over.

Cappie finds Spitter on the roof and comes to talk to him. What’s wrong? What’s going on with Cappie? Well, it involves his sister…she’s not just some girl. Evan talked him out of it. Maybe this friend is only looking out for himself. Rusty tells him about his project, the little wire that could. He, like the wire, won’t give up. Anchor or not. What will Cappie do? Have dinner with his brothers. The KTs don’t want to let Evan in but Cappie sticks up for him. They agree (after all, the cowboys and Indians could do it and he’s got tons of beer).

The meal is…interesting. It has jelly beans, spaghetti, popcorn, sandwiches, pretzels, and now time for the Turkey which is really alcohol. Cartwright tradition break the wishbone (pretzel) and Casey wins. She intends to leave and Cappie offers to walk her home.

Rusty in the lab finds Dale at work with his project. No talking! Rusty’s finally works but when he turns to tell Dale he remembers they’re not speaking.

Casey and Cappie get to the ZBZ house. Cappie has something he needs to say…He’s been thinking about stuff (Casey interrupts nervously about hair coloring) he’s nervous. He wishes thinks worked out with them. That was Casey’s wish too. Casey says he should have come after her at the end of the world party. He knows, but he’s here now and…FINALLY A KISS. Well, that was years in the making. He wants to try again.


2 Responses to “Greek: The Wish Pretzel”

  1. julie Says:

    cappie and casey : finally the star crossed lovers reunion hourrah !!
    I love Evan, he is a cuttie with Casey..but it’s Cappie ‘s turn i understand.. I want an awesome girl for Evan but not miss Rebecca..she is cute but not for Evan (stop chasing after Casey’s boys girl ! It’s annoying). lol.

  2. Minna Mcclymonds Says:

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