I don’t know about you, but I think this might have been one of the best (aired) episodes of Dollhouse yet.

Who else is thankful for the fact that the plot strayed from Echo and focused on some of the other cast members, namely Topher and Sierra, instead? It’s not that I don’t like Echo, I think Eliza Dushku does a good job in the role and her character is interesting (though her back story as far as we’ve  been told, is somewhat lame and predictable–will we ever find out the exact details of what drove her to the Dollhouse?) it’s just that she’s one of many people in the Dollhouse and there’s only so much time I can take of following a single person. Besides, the other relationships, such as Victor and Sierra’s little romance, are interesting. (I love how protective Victor is of Sierra. Should he even be able to think up taking away the paints on his own?)

Even more interesting is Topher (and to a lesser degree, Adelle) who are on the one hand evil to the millionth degree and on the other can be really tender and protective. There is something about examining where a bad person draws the line between bad and unconscionable. We get to see a new part of Topher’s personality and it’s not so surprising that he goes crazy after the events of the episode (much less everything else that will happen). I really hope they go into how Adelle winds up in the Dollhouse in the first place.

And then there’s the question of Boyd. As Echo’s former handler, he’s always known that she was somewhat different, but now he really knows that something’s up. What will he do? Tell on her? Stop her? Help her? I always got the sense that he was a good guy so maybe he and Ballard will team up.


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