I don’t normally like police shows. Psych and Bones have managed to slip in to my tv watching list despite being procedurals thanks to their highly enjoyable casts and I suppose their unique takes on the police mystery genres. And then there’s Castle, which my sister has been telling me to try. With only ten episodes from last season, there certainly wouldn’t be all that many to catch up on so I figured, not that I’m all caught up on shows, might as well.

Castle involves a highly successful mystery novelist names Rick Castle who gets involved with the police after someone begins copying the crimes in his book. He is surprised to find the inspiration for his next book (after a considerable of writer’s block) in Kate Beckett, a detective who does things very by the book. Being famous, he pulls in a favor from the mayor and gets permission to shadow her on cases for more inspiration. He contributes to solving cases using his psychological profiling skills and crime knowledge gained from his writing experiences.

I think the reason this show works for me, like Psych and Bones, is that the cast isn’t a typical police show cast (though I suppose it is becoming more typical). The characters feel more real and fleshed out, and have more life than those of the typical show like Law and Order. Something about bringing in non-police characters to solve the crime makes the show more enjoyable for me (perhaps more relatable?). Plus it’s Nathan Fillion who is always enjoyable to watch. His character is not just the arrogant jerk and party boy, he’s also a caring father (with an eccentric mother) who is surprisingly sweet at times. So far, after two episodes, I’m liking it.

Luckily, the show just got the go ahead for a full season so season two will be much more than ten measly episodes!


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