Cake Boss: Plants, Pranks, and Proposals

Team meeting: botanical gardens wicked plants tour inspired by the book of the same name. They want to make the cake for the author who will lead the tour. The plan is a huge venus fly trap surrounded by poisonous flowers. They use a pipe for the curvature and stability of the venus fly trap.It takes 3-4 hours to make a bunch of flowers.

Meanwhile, Buddy meets a customer to make a proposal cake for a guy who always comes in with his girlfriend. He wants to propose to him there: an oversized bling ring in a ring box. Don’t forget the real ring. He entrusts Buddy with the ring. Diamond out of sugar with a mold.

In comes Mary who doesn’t believe the flowers are poisonous and eats one. She says it tastes good. In comes his mother to yell at him for making Mary eating the flower. Mary says she’s tough and nothing will happen to her. Their mom discoveres the truth though.

While Buddy works on the engagement cake, someone sneaks over and takes the real ring.

In walks someone to order a cake. Buddy wants to punish Anthony for dropping a cake last season. They had a girl pretend to come in for a cake and have him flirt with Anthony meanwhile. Anthony is kind of awkward.

Buddy finished the diamond, makes a band, paints the box to look like the ring box (which he doesn’t realize is missing still).

Time to finish the prank with Anthony. They send him out and then have her plant him against the wall to get spilled all over. He asks her out and she goes toget her phone, leaving him in the perfect place to get dumped on. Anthony says they’ve got it coming. His mother comes out to yell at him. She tells them to apologize. It is unacceptable, she’s the real boss.

The venus fly trap reminds me of Little Shop of Horrors. FEED ME! Buddy opens the box with the ring and it’s empty. He asks who has it and he’s “not kidding around now.” He’s pissed. They tear everything apart but in walks his sister. She has the ring. She just took it to clean it. She just wanted it to look nice.

Transporting the botanical garden cake proves stressful as it has to be taken from New Jersey to Brooklyn. It gets there safely and the plant people are impressed by how realistic the flowers are.

Then there’s the engagement. Everyone watches anxiously. It’s sooo cute. Such an awesome proposal. Of course seh said yes!


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