So You Think You Can Dance: Picking the Top 20

This is my least favorite episode of the entire show. For one thing, there is no dancing, so it is pretty boring. For another, we don’t even know everyone who will be spoken to.

First up is Nathan, that guy who was too young last season. I hope he makes it, he seems so sweet. This season they do this on stage in front of all six judges. Mia begins by saying that this is an emotional journey and he’s only a baby but then she tells him that they would like to be a part of his growth, he’s in the top 20! (I really don’t like it when the guest judges give the news, they’re the only ones who haven’t seen everything.)

We are informed that everyone else for the next hour was cut. I don’t recognize anyone so far. Think Bianca will make it in?

Next up is that kid in the funny yellow diaper who is a ballet dancer but sadly he won’t make it. He needs to come out of himself more but she’s thrilled that there are more ballet dancers this year (good job Melissa!).

Katherine McCormick now. She’s homesick and wants her parents to be able to watch her grow. She starts crying and she has the most high pitched voice ever. She’s in the top 20 as well. She’s so cute in a slightly annoying kind of way.

Channing, the sports girl, is told to work on her chemistry with a partner. She’s so strong but she must rely on a partner. She was unanimously voted into the top 20. I remember her from auditions and I’m glad she made it in.

Ariana and Ellenore, both people who get no time and who I don’t remember, make it in. That’s four contemporary females. They mention two best friends Molly and Noelle who roomed together in Vegas, which we all know means one of them won’t make it in. That’s exactly what they think, but they’re not up now.

Billy is up now. He kind of looks and sounds like David Archuleta. He’s in Julliard but the school will hold his scholarship because he’s in the Top 20. Jake and Brandon do not make it though.

Amber Jackson is next. Despite rocky auditions, she breezed through Vegas week. Mary tells her exquisite technique isn’t enough and she must find the star personality. She is so saddened to tell her that she will not be in the top 20 but they believe in her. Outside the others are shocked.

Krumper Russel is up now. He blew them away with his authentic style. He kept proving himself in different styles. He will be in the top 20, first krumper ever. He starts crying which is funny to see on a guy with dreads. Kevin Hunt, hip hop dancer, makes it as well.

Three tappers are in the top 20, including Bianca. Tappers have never been so far before. Bianca seems much more mature and zen than last year. Nigel will be quite frank with her. Just basing it on performance and routine, she would be top 20, but they have to base it on growth in other areas. He thinks the decision is controversial, she is in the top 20! She asks why he has to scare her like that. Next comes Phillip who they get upset with because of his attitude. He was so defensive at first which is problematic. He made it in. Season of the tappers. What about Peter, the last of the three tappers. He had a tough Vegas week. He is also in the top 20. Three tappers, THIS IS THE YEAR OF THE TAP!

Bad news for people I don’t recognize. No meltdowns yet. Now is Victor who they had cut his hair because it was too distracting. Nigel thinks the group of contemporary dancers are better than any season. Victor made it. Jacob also made it in. (He does a funny dance thing.)

Molly and Noelle freak out meanwhile. Molly’s turn now, which is a good sign. Being left until the end means you’ll definitely be split. She needs to dance more maturely but she is in the top 20. She pretends she didn’t make it before shrieking.

BUT WAIT, THERE’S A TWIST THAT NO ONE SAW COMING…after our commercial break.

The girl, Paulina, who hurt herself mid-Vegas week is up before Noelle. She’s at a disadvantage for them not being able to see her, but she’s in the Top 20 anyway. It’s Noelle‘s turn now. (Last season she was cut after Broadway.) Well…She made it! Finally, not splitting up friends. (See how you can add drama by playing with the idea of splitting them up but keeping them together in the end!)

More cuts and now Legacy is up. He’s crazy good at what he does but, there are other hip hoppers. He makes the top 20 (I feel like this will be another Comfort moment where she was great at hip hop but couldn’t do anything else.)

Three girls left, two spaces. Paula has made it this far before. She probably makes it in so they can do the split thing with the other two…Sure enough, they want her in the top 20. (That’s a pretty good spot to be in, called in third to last.)

There is one spot left for the men and one spot left for the women, but don’t forget our surprise. (TOP 22?) They are all ballroom dancers. The married couple is part of the remaining four. Ryan seemed stronger than Ashley and outshined her throughout Vegas until the last round. The guys are up first. Ryan‘s against Dean, the weirdo who thinks he’s super hot. Ryan is in the top 20.

Next is Ashley vs Karen who was already separated from her husband during Vegas week. Guess you’ve done the math ladies. Karen didn’t mess up all week, Ashley grew all week. Karen will be in the top 20. Poor Ryan.


hasn’t actually been told anything yet. It turns out, Paula turned down the spot in the Top 20 because she just got a movie contract, so there is a spot for her.

Meet the Top 20


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