Gossip Girl: Enough About Eve

For me this was one of the better episodes in a while. Maybe because it got back to the whole everyone scamming stuff that we all know and love.

Basically, Nate is working on his relative Tripp’s campaign because the Buckleys are trying to keep him from winning. Serena is worried about Carter when she discovers he is supposed to work on their oil rigs until he pays off his debt (which might take him forever). Nate agrees to help her. The plan: play poker with PJ Buckley (while dating Bri told him PJ’s tells). She has to play because he would never let Nate play. When the stakes get raised, Nate adds something big to the pile: a picture of Tripp smoking a bong at his bachelor party. It would be easy ammunition to end Tripp’s career. Sure enough they lose. But what do we learn later? Nate was actually scamming Serena, the picture is a fake and once the Buckleys release the picture the Vanderbilts will show the real picture and it will make the Buckleys look bad. Serena overhears this and tells PJ. Carter comes to say he’s leaving. He doesn’t want her pity and he wants to repay his own debt.

Meanwhile, Blair and Vanessa are vying for the Freshman Brunch Speech. What they don’t know is that Olivia is the other candidate. (Olivia is returning to town finally and Dan can’t wait to see her.) At Rufus’s suggestion, Dan invites Olivia to come with him and his parents to the party. Rufus also encourages Vanessa to invite her mom which she does eagerly. Olivia is thrilled to meet Dan’s parents and accepts the speech in order to surprise Dan. Vanessa freaks out that her mom is coming and she isn’t going to be able to make the speech so, with Blaire’s bad advice about taking things into her own hands, she tells Dan that Olivia wasn’t ready to meet his parents. So Dan tells her he wants to go to a dinner just the two of them instead. (This was part one of Blaire’s plan, getting rid of Olivia as the speaker.) This, in turn, makes Olivia worry that she did something wrong so Vanessa tells Olivia that Dan’s parents were really judgment and he didn’t want them to judge her for being “all Hollywood,” which makes Olivia angry. Blaire then cons Chuck into seducing the guy who is responsible for deciding who gives the speech. What she doesn’t tell Chuck is that kissing him is a part of a scavenger hunt that the guy was doing, so he made a deal to let Blaire give the speech. Olivia, angry, gets Dan to go to the party and then acts “all Hollywood” in front of his parents to spite him. Blaire reveals to Vanessa that she is giving the speech. In response, Vanessa hides a microphone in her purse and gets Vanessa to reveal everything she did to get the speech (and Chuck hears it all). Olivia and Dan figure out that Vanessa lied to them and when they confront her she says its her parents that are judgmental and she wishes Dan’s parents had been hers. Of course her mom overhears and leaves. Whoops. Blaire apologizes to Chuck.

All this scheming makes me miss Georgina. Think we’ll see her again? I hear Mercy is on the verge of cancellation. Been meaning to watch a second episode of that and see how I like it. (I wasn’t too keen on the main character in episode one.)

Also, my friend was really upset about them bringing Hilary Duff to GG. My sister was also annoyed since she hates when shows just add celebrities for popularity’s sake. But I actually think Duff does a good job. She plays the super sweet girl well. Truthfully, it’s probably not so far off from reality, she has always struck me as pretty nice.

Finally, I do want to add that the reference to All About Eve was excellent. I always get a kick out of that reference since it is everywhere and so many people don’t even know what that movie is. But Blaire is definitely the type to know it.


One Response to “Gossip Girl: Enough About Eve”

  1. sarah Says:

    100% one the best episodes of season…I agree, they got back to the scheming and plotting we got so used to the last 2 seasons. I miss Georgina as well, and I was planning on commenting that she might be back because Mercy might not make it, but you beat me to it! I am hoping Mercy’s gets the boot. I think Hillary has done a pretty good job so far..I wasn’t sure how I felt about it and I also hate when shows add well known celebs for ratings, but I think if they were going to do it, Hillary was a good choice-she’s an average sized, not crazy hot down to earth girl…I am not sad to see Carter go either.

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