Greek: Fight the Power

Ashley wines about miniature golf. Apparently it’s meant to be a mixer, which is lame. More whining about ZBZ not being number one. Some sisters are even considering deactivating. Ashleigh makes up how ZBZ will be mixing with Omega Chai because of Casey and Evan’s close relationship.

Spitter comes to the KT house to find them playing a drinking game based on a guy’s snoring. He’s been so busy that he hasn’t been around. Spitter heads up to Cappy upstairs to find the girl from the job he catered with Evan.

Ashleigh and Casey ask about the mixer plan. Evan pretends to consider and agrees. (After Casey makes puppy dog eyes.) They just have to officially ask during dinner and serenade them because “the girls will be expecting it.”

Cappy tells Spitter he has to “drop trough” to make it even that he saw Cappy’s girl naked. Girlfriend thinks he’s cute. She can’t wait to corrupt him because he’s so sweet and innocent.

Calvin wonders if he and Grant should come out to the house. Evan suggests yes. Maybe Evan should come out about being broke. They come back to find Evan’s car being repossessed.

Girlfriend promptly works at getting Rusty drunk. Cappy is a little unhappy about it. She wants to dine and dash because the waiter didn’t bring them their check. Cappy is the one who comes back to pay.

Evan comes out about his money. Then he gets trouble about the mixer, they don’t want to do it, they want to vote.

At ZBZ they anxiously await the invite and Rebecca gives slut tips to the newbies. It’s about sisterhood!!! In comes Evan, alone, to talk to them privately. He can’t order them to party. He explains his lack of trust fund. She tells him it’s the bravest thing he’s ever done and she’s proud. Ashleigh wonders what to do but Casey can’t think about anything but Evan’s actions. Ashleigh’s idea: a semi-formal four pack (party with four sororities and fraternities). She hopes to become popular by association.

Rowdy Rusty is “buzzed” or gassy. They watch Predators of the Deep. He was going to go to class but she says they should ditch. Rusty points out they’re the same.

Calvin is upset about the way Grant acts about KTT. He points out that Evan could use the club’s support. Grant doesn’t want to come out to the house. He doesn’t want to go through being gossiped about the way Evan is. (Hmm what to do when you’re stuck living with your ex?)

Rusty comes home to find Cappy and Dale together. He skipped out on a date with Lana (girlfriend). Rusty thinks he’ll drive her away.

Evan comes clean about his cater waiter job with Casey. She says she’ll him figure it out. Can she help him get respect back? Make a new name for yourself Evan! (More Rebecca tutoring.) Ashleigh’s excited about reciving something from the Gamma Psis but its a no we don’t want to socialize so she’s unhappy. A yearbook photographer was even asked for the party that isn’t happening. What to do!?!? Ashleigh doesn’t want to run the house into the ground. Casey thinks maybe they can manage.

Rusty walks in on Lana again as she changes. She thinks she’s done with him because he blew her off. She doesn’t date guys with issues. Rusty asks her to give him another chance.

Evan and Calvin play video games. If there’s a four pack will Grant and Calvin GO together? Evan wants people to stop talking about him and if they come out…

Casey and Ashleigh go to meet Natalie from Gamma Psi but in comes Katherine who is meanly sarcastic. In comes Natalie who tries to be very nice while letting them down. They’ll pay the electric bill in return if all the sisters show up. Desperate much? (Sidepoint, anyone else think Casey has a slightly funny looking face?)

Cappy is at a strip club and Rusty shows up behind him. Dale is with them. Rusty wants to know why he blew Lana off. In comes Lana to give him another choice.

Mixer night. They have a caricaturists, ice sculptures, etc. Casey is upset about the expense. Rebecca watches them flirt and when a girl screws up she goes to Evan to demonstrate. They have a real moment and she stumbles off.

Lana and Dale are awkward at the stage waiting for Cappy and Rusty to return with drinks. Cappy confides that he wants someone less flakey. Maybe he’s growing up!

At the party, Tripp is still a jerk and he commiserates with Casey. Being president, losing control, makes you do something crazy. Casey is still trying to figure out how to be a president’s best friend. The Gamma Psi intends to leave. But not before revealing the electric bill thing. Evan takes a drink and then goes to stand up to Tripp. Then he punches Tripp for being a jerk. Only problem, the school photographer takes a picture.

The house meets to talk about what happened. Why shouldn’t everyone depledge right now? Casey takes the blame.

Rusty, Dale, and Cappy come to KT with Lana. Rusty tells him to break up with her properly. Cappy agrees. She says all college guys are teh same, hooking up with the townies until they can’t handle it.

Evan’s upset and Calvin asks if he’s okay. Evan considers depledging. Calvin talks him out of it. Calvin says maybe Grant’s not the guy for him.

Rowdy Rusty decides to retire. Cappy is slightly more mature. He’s still thinking about Casey.

Casey and Ashleigh talk. Ashleigh considers depledging but Casey points out that it would lead to further destabilization. What to do now? mma Psi targeting them means they’re a threat. Still in the game, let’s play!Ga


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