A Bunch of Shows

Since I can’t write a detailed thing about every show I watch, I decided to write some quick thoughts about a bunch of them:

Ghost Whisperer– while the show consists of a sappy ending for nearly every episode, there is something intriguing about it in general. I’ve always liked Jennifer Love Hewitt (maybe because she always seems so genuine, kind of like the way Julia Roberts looks when she smiles) so I’m not surprised that I like the show. They could have gotten a cuter kid but I suppose that’s not really important. I’m curious to see what great powers he has because so far, just being bonded to his mother isn’t such a big deal. Meanwhile, I’m also waiting for the big storyline. Right now the show is feeling very formulaic when we know something is supposed to be coming so I’d really like for us to get back to the bigger plot.

Ugly Betty– I am sooo happy this show has finally returned. I don’t know why it’s been relegated to Friday nights but hopefully that will keep it on air for a while longer. I hear Betty gets her braces off soon. I was saying to my sister that I wonder who comes up with the outfits for Betty because they are so awesomely hideous. And the blog about it! (I hope that’s a real blog.) Not a fan of the newest Willie storyline but I’m waiting to see what else they’ve got since something crazy and outlandish usually finds its way into each season. Good job with Daniel and the way he’s handling Molly’s death.

Vampire Diaries– well, overall the show is kind of eh but what I’m excited to see is this new subplot of Vicky being a vampire (remind anyone of True Blood and Jessica?) I think the problem is I’m not a huge fan of Elena. Also, anyone else lose some respect for Damon when we saw him dancing around?

Survivor– okay how are so many of the survivors so gullible? If he looks like a sleazeball, acts like a sleazeball, talks like a sleazeball…he’s probably a sleazeball. And yet so few of them suspect Russel. And of course the people who do are stupid enough to say something to him, making themselves the next target, rather than approach everyone else in private to get rid of him. I’m ready for him to go so I can see what the rest of the people can do.

30 Rock– It’s back!!! Well, this episode was a lot of fun. Kenneth is always a great source of entertainment (which is why they have webisodes about him on the site) and I love the way this show makes fun of shows being manipulated by sponsors while blatantly being a walking advertisement. It’s liek Singing in the Rain taken to a whole new level. I can’t wait to find out who the newest cast member would be. I would love to see a “reality show” style picking like house did with his assistants.

Psych– we had a great moment between Juliette and Spencer this week in the will they won’t they relationship drama. Plus Lassiter taking on Spencer’s dad was excellent. “You’re the same person!”


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