Grey’s Anatomy

Invasion of Mercy West. I don’t really like any of their personalities but notice how they’re all better than the Seattle Grey’s staff? They tackle rowdy patients, steal patients, notice symptoms that the Greys miss, suggest rotation systems, answer questions without raising their hands, come up with the better surgery options, flirt…

It’s cute when Lexi gets life advice from a criminal, which she takes. Meredith is stuck in bed watching the action. Callie’s dad shows up with a priest to de-gayify her (“You can’t pray out the gay!”) and he tells her it’s an abomination and road to hell. The priest tells him not to throw out words like that and when her dad starts quoting biblical passages at her she quotes Jesus’ teachings right back (and I must admit I am impressed both by how swiftly and easily she responds and by the acting/passion behind it).

Greys “discusses” the Mercy crew. Izzy says not to write off all the Mercy Westers. Of course, he’s then a jerk so…whatever. Yay for a woman yelling at Carev and the Mercy Wester. Hunt is an idiot and may very well cause his and Christina’s breakup. I feel so bad for Christina. She asked a good question last we: why stay if she isn’t learning? She even misses Burke! (Not for the relationship.) She’s miserable and no one but Meredith notices or cares. I also like Arizona’s little speech. Most people I’ve spoken to don’t like her but she’s starting to grow on me.

Once again Izzy nearly kills someone you don’t find the results out until the Private Practice crossover. More Bailey!


One Response to “Grey’s Anatomy”

  1. sarah Says:

    I didn’t like any of the Mercy Westers…LOL-and once again Izzy almost kills someone…hence, her let go…we all knew that was coming thou…I fell asleep during the Private Practice crossover…but didn’t get into Grey’s until recently so I had no background on Private Practice was enjoying the episode and passed out…go figure. I feel Cristina might be next to go, but I can’t imagine them cutting her out of the show, especially with Meredith having such a limited role…I expect to see a lot of Callie and Arizona for the next couple episodes

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