Hell’s Kitchen Finale!!

I’m so glad the finale is here (not because I don’t like the show but because there are just too many shows to watch!!). Anyone else rooting for Dave? Kevin a little sleazy and arrogant and Ariel’s been lacking. And dude, how long has he been one armed and still the best of the night? But forget that…TENNILLE IS GONE!!! (Enough said.)

Challenge time. Under 3 domes are cuisines from around the world. They’ll get one to make. Ariel gets China, she’s excited because she can be creative. Dave gets India which he knows nothing about. Kevin gets Mexico, which he thinks is super easy. 45 minutes. Dave doesn’t know what to make 15 minutes in and chooses pork. Ariel burns something. Time’s up. The guest judges are…3 chefs, experts in the the respective cuisines. One of the chefs he brings in is the head chef he brought in to a restaurant from his show Kitchen Nightmares, named Vikas. Ariel presents first and blanks out. Commentary- enjoyable sweetness, marinade too watery, and nice try but a miss. Kevin forgot his sauce. It is missed but the judges like it anyway. Dave prefaces it with having never worked with it before. He thought cow was worshiped in India so he chose pork, except pork is not allowed for Hindus. Otherwise, the flavor was good. Dave wins unanimously. Reward: the chefs will each cook him their signature dishes and get to talk to the chefs. Also, Scott brings in a complete cookware set. Losers must prep for service and clean the dining. (Two people enough for this?) Kevin is sure that his sauce would have won it for him.

JP gets them polishing silverware. (Ariel wonders if all of it is needed…) Dace is joined by his sister and fiance for the meal. Kevin keeps looking over in jealousy. They get to watch the chefs cook and hear about the recipes while Ariel try to listen in but they’re too busy. They have to iron tablecloths. JP whispers into their ears about how amazing Dave’s food looks. (Dave looks a little gross…) Kevin is giving them the death stare. After the meal Dave wanders and gives himself a pep talk “gotta do this tonight, come on!”

Service. Each of the chefs will have a turn to run the pass. He wants to see assertiveness and confidence. Run the kitchen or it will run you. (It will probably help Dave’s wrist to have the break in the middle.) Scott and Heather help out in the kitchen.

Things start of well and Kevin is called up to the pass. (He’s all “I’m doing what I always do.”) He starts off well. Scott substitutes Halibut for Seabass as a test. He catches it. He gets frustrated with Ariel’s speed. Kevin’s unhappy with her lamb and tells her to redo it. Dave offers to help her. He keeps tell her to redo it while ignoring what she says. Ramsay tells Kevin to get a grip. Ariel serves the lamb without the sauce. Finally it’s delivered.

Dave‘s turn. Dave is very intense at the pass. He’s kind of rude to everyone but food is moving quickly. Time for the first test. Spinach puree substituted for asparagus and Dave doesn’t catch it. Ramsay gives him a talking to. He misses the second test too when Scott sends out tuna that isn’t done well. He catches the cold fish and lack of salt in the food. Better. “Dave has rallied.” Diners enjoy.

Time for Ariel. Test one, Heather substitutes parsnip puree for potato. She doesn’t catch it. (Do you guys not realize that they’re going to do the sabotage?) Otherwise she does well. Sabotage two from Scott. Salmon substituted for Seabass. She plates it at first but then realizes before sending it out. She calls out so many things that Kevin can’t follow and he drags. Ramsay starts to yell at her. Ariel thinks he’s doing it on purpose. He messes up a scallop and has to make a new one.

Ramsay says not bad, each had ups and downs. It won’t be an easy decision. He has them each say who they think shouldn’t be in the finals. Ariel asks Kevin if he was ruining the scallops on purpose. He takes it personally. Ramsay tells them he can see any of them at the Araxi.

Kevin says he thinks Ariel should not advance because she’s been at the bottom often. Ariel says Kevin because he didn’t have her back. Dave says Ariel because he felt most lost when she was up at the pass. Ramsay says the answers don’t help him. One more question, why do they each belong in the final. Kevin says he’s very strong and can accomplish anything. Ariel says she’s grown a lot, young, creative, and full of potential. Dave says he’s grown tenfold and he can run a kitchen. Screens are dropped to reveal who will be advancing. This is a very tough decision…the first person advancing is…DAVE. The second person advancing is…KEVIN. No surprise, though I really hope he doesn’t win. I’m so not a fan. Ariel gets to keep her jacket.

The next service will be their design. They need to get dressed, there’s a limo waiting for them. Why? They’re on a rooftop. Ramsay shows them their final challenge, which begins…right down there. Below are the judges. They must make a dish worthy of Araxi in 45 minutes. The last challenge of the show. Kevin’s meal is difficult versus Dave’s simpler execution. They’re very different chefs. Time for judging…

There will be five judges. Three votes to win. The first judge tastes. Four are food critics. He likes Dave’s. Kevin’s has a beautiful presentation but he votes for Dave’s dish. 1-0 Dave. Judge two goes. He chooses Dave. 2-0. Judge three is impressed with both and chooses…Kevin. 2-1 Dave. Fourth is a chef. He ties it 2-2. It’s down to the last judge. he picks…DAVE who is superstoked.

The crew preps the restaurant. It’s now split into two. Time to design their menus (do they not design the interior of the restaurant?)Dave wants simple and unpretentious. Heather will be working with Kevin, Scott will be working with Dave. Special deliveries are right out front (the other chefs?). They open the truck and sure enough it’s the chefs. Dave immediately starts thinking about who he wants. Back is Suzanne, Ariel, Robert, Sabrina, Van, and Amanda. (No Tennille thankfully.)

Dave- Ariel, Robert, and Suzanne (blue team)
Kevin- Van, Amanda, and Sabrina (red team)

They practice the menus. Kevin’s dishes look amazing, Dave’s are very simple. Ramsay warns Kevin about the degree of execution (too complicated even if beautiful) and tells Dave to explode (don’t be pedestrian).

About time to start. Ramsay calls them over and says something has been bothering him, something that isn’t quite right…they don’t look the part of head chefs. He gives them new jackets.

JP opens the kitchen. It’s showtime! Top chefs from British Columbia including their future boss, are in attendance. Kevin makes Amanda nervous. He’s unhappy with her scallops. Robert serves a good dish and they quickly get appetizers out. Kevin hasn’t gotten anything out as they wait for scallops. Ramsay yells at her to concentrate. She overcooks the next batch. Kevin and his Boston accent switch Amanda to starters and puts Van on fish. This works out and they finally get appetizers out. Dave is almost done with appetizers but they’re running out of mushrooms. Robert gets upset when Dave criticizes him and decides to make things difficult. The diners on Dave’s side like it but not on Kevin’s. The rice is poorly cooked. He tells Van to come and help out Amanda as well. Van is doing better than he ever did when he was a contestant.

As Kevin finishes up appetizers, Dave begins entrees. He’s unhappy with Ariel’s venison (remember when she had a tough time on lamb last time? why is she doing it this time?) The second go is great. Diners approve both entrees. In comes the Araxi ticket. Kevin keeps changing how well done the beef should be so when Amanda brings the wrong one he’s upset. Kevin is about to lose it but calms down and talks to them calmly. Things work better that way and food comes out.

Dave has four tables left. Kevin has six. Kevin decides to fire two tables at once to pick up speed. Dave’s kitchen is starting to slip. Fish comes back raw. Dave has Robert help Ariel. Kevin ties it up.

One table left each. They basically finish at the same time. Ramsay paces while deciding who to choose. He calls them up.He’s proud of both of them. This the closest final of the show. He’s reached a decision. They step up to the doors. Whoever’s opens is the winner and will be the head chef at Araxi. On the count of three turn the handle. One, two, three..DAVE WINS! Not all that surprised his sister and fiance run up to hug him.


3 Responses to “Hell’s Kitchen Finale!!”

  1. z4 Says:

    way to go dave. good end, good winner, good second-place finish from kevin as well.

    i was glad tenille was not in the group, i was troubled that that loser robert was brought into it though. what a poor looooooooser he was wasn’t he? all bitter and sabatoge.

  2. sarah Says:

    I am a little late but finally watched it! I was also disappointed in Robert for being such a jack@$$…I knew as soon as Kevin had his team he was done for…I was amazed that Suzanne wasn’t difficult or didn’t get yelled at once(I was kinda hoping for that…) It was pretty obvious a long time ago who was going to be the final 2 and I was glad Dave won because Kevin was getting arrogant and I do think he tried to screw Airel over when she was running the pass…overall it was a good season! Does anyone know how they determine who comes back to cook in the final?

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