Gossip Girl: Rufus Getting Married

Rufus and Lily are fighting because Serena’s decision not to go to college. And because Lily’s a baby. Serena says she will fix things. She arranges for them to talk and then after Rufus suggests getting married, she organizes the wedding in a day. (This is the “how much chest can we get away with Serena showing” episode.)

Blaire is mean to Bri Buckley who is looking for Carter for some reason. Chuck, who doesn’t trust Carter, finds out that Carter basically courted Bri’s cousin in order to get his gambling bets paid off by her family. He tells Bri that Carter will be at the wedding and offers Carter the option of facing the Buckleys or leaving town. He comes clean to Serena, she’s upset with him, but gets worried when he disappears. Nate discovers that Bri was using him to find Carter.

Georgina is obsessed with Dan and when she returns and finds out that he is dating someone else she blackmails Vanessa into trying to get him to break up with Olivia (because she knows that Scott is his half brother). He thinks Vanessa has a crush on him, she tells the truth, he tries to scam Georgina who brings Scott to the wedding. Lily and Rufus fight, Scott gets upset, but they all make up in the end. Scott heads home to figure things out but intends to come visit.

Anyone notice that Jenny (acting the part of queen bee) is obscenely skinny? And that Carter and Chuck are the two sleaziest looking people ever.


One Response to “Gossip Girl: Rufus Getting Married”

  1. sarah Says:

    I was expecting a juicy episode and this was disappointing…the whole Scott revealing turned out way too warm and fuzzy for GG compared to the last 2 seasons…I think this season has been on the dull side so far??
    Jenny is barley in the show this season and I am ok with that…rumor has it ‘little J’ in real life does have a bit of an issue with drugs…who knows…althou it was hilarious when they were trying to plan the wedding and they were asking the new, “mean girls” of Constance to help out and when the one said her family was investment bankers and broke, Jenny goes, “Ok, you can go now”
    Overall I had a feeling they were going to have trouble with the transition from high school to college…like all shows do…I hope they can pick it up or this will be their only ‘off’ season…we’ll see what happens tonight

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