90210 Wild Alaskan Salmon

This is the episode of stupid decisions:

Naomi is tricked by Jen into giving her $100,000 for legal fees while she plays with the teacher’s heart. Adrianna breaks up with Navid and immediately goes out with Teddy. Silver tells Kelly about their mom’s condition and Kelly promptly tells her mom to leave them alone (without consulting Silver of course). Silver of course finds out and is pissed. Annie is a jerk to Jasper who she only cozied up to out of guilt because the guy who sent the sex text said he’s dangerous and then she goes out with him. Of course this leads to attempted rape and Jasper saves her. Adrianna realizes she’s an idiot and tries to get Navid back but he’s not interested. The dad tries to set up lunch with Kelly (cheating scandal?) only to be turned down. Does he not remember his wife being jealous of her?

This is sort of a set up episode, putting everyone into place so it’s not very exciting. Also Dixon is noticeably absent.


One Response to “90210 Wild Alaskan Salmon”

  1. sarah Says:

    Ok, Jen is the biggest b!tch ever….and I have been calling from day one about Harry trying to get with Kelly…I couldn’t believe Teddy told Navid about him and Adrianna kissing-did he really think that would make Adrianna just hook up with him because she couldn’t get back with Navid? Also, have ZERO problems with Dixon being absent…he is such a tool.

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