The Rachel Zoe Project Finale!

Who else is sad that this season is over? It was so short! (Six episodes?) The show always makes me smile.

Quick sum up:

Rachel Zoe gets to style a photo shoot for V, 80’s style, with a couple hot models in a gym. Editorial shoots seem like fun relative to commercial. Taylor gets bored and wants to leave. It didn’t seem like they had anything to do so I’m not sure why she had to be there in the first place…

Taylor is miserable and fears her job is going nowhere and considers quitting. On the one hand, I agree with her. Rachel should have done a better job handling the Paris thing (and Brad we’re in the “too soon” area of joking about it) and it’s okay for her to worry about her job. At the same time, quit whining! She makes it so hard for other people to be around her sometimes. And sometimes, after work activities are part of the job.

Rachel brings Taylor to a branding meeting which is exactly what she wanted and yet she seems to still be unhappy.

Taylor is upset when she gets stuck unpacking boxes. Her parents had to come help!

Rachel’s health issues flare up again and she and Rodger decide she must cut back so he will be stepping in on the business side. What will this mean for Rachel Zoe?

What did you think of this season of Rachel Zoe? Hoping for season two? I’m certainly enjoying even though I don’t know what it is that I like about it.


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