America’s Best Dance Crew Finale

Only 2-3 weeks late…

I’d like to say I’m shocked that Afroborhike and We Are Heroes are the finalists. I totally expected Massive Monkees to be in the top. But I guess in reality shows it’s never who shows up strong in the beginning.

All the crews were brought back for the live finale. This is the first time the trophy will not be awarded to a b-boy. Tonight will have judge’s choice performances. Each judge chose three crews to come together.

Choice 1- Lil Mama’s pick is Vogue Evolution, Artistry in Motion, and We Are Heroes. They’re all fun and feminine and strong. There are so many of them on stage!!

Choice 2- JC’s pick is Fr3sh, Rhythm City, and Afroborhike for moments, playfulness, and teamwork. Don’t even remember Fr3sh they left so early on. This performance is a lot cooler though the tumbling is sloppy looking. I like the way the crews really mixed in this one.

Choice 3- Shane picks Southern Movement, Beat Ya Feet Kings, and Massive Monkees. They’re groups that always represented. They’ve got country, go go, and b-boy. Massive Monkees had all the big moments in this performance.

The finalists come to teach dance to Culture Shock L, a free dance class for underprivileged kids. The kids love it. We follow the crews’ journeys on the show.

The finalists perform together to “I Gotta Feeling.” Pretty cool. Especially when the two crews combine.

JC says both crews are the epitome of the American dream.

America voted and the winner is…(long pause) WE ARE HEROES! Randy Jackson shows up to give them a trophy and the money. We are heroes performs. (One of the girls falls)


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