This is one of those shows. Why do I keep watching? What is even good about it? Certainly not the acting (that’s what you get for having an model for an actor), certainly not the cinematography or unique scripts. I think a part of me just loves the comics to screen stuff, even when it’s bad (though I HATED the Captain America movie…). It’s nostalgic if nothing else (Sunday morning cartoons were always awesome).

I can’t say I’m sorry that Lana Lang (Kristin Kreuk) is no longer in the show as Lois Lane is way cooler. There’s the issue of Jimmy being dead since he was clearly part of Superman’s life after he was officially Superman but maybe they don’t plan to stick THAT closely to the real thing.

At this point I just want to see Lois and Clark have a more real “moment” than mooning over each other. But otherwise, I’m not sure what else to actually look forward to at this point. Clark is just so earnestly irritating most of the time.

Smallville’s not a show I’d be sad to go off the air, but I suppose while it’s on I’ll just keep watching. It seems that I’m something of an addict and I have a hard time letting go of shows that I’ve invested a lot of time watching.


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