So You Think You Can Dance Season 6: Vegas Week

Finally Vegas. The judges are Nigel Lythgoe, Mary Murphy, Mia Michaels, Tyce Diorrio, Debbie Allen and Adam Shankman. Night One.

Part one is a solo performance and first up is Nathan Trasoras who was too young last year but was given a pass to Vegas for this year. He’s still good. There’s also a girl named Eleanor who is really funny and gets a standing ovation by the judges. No commentary is actually given. After ten dancers the judges confer. 3 yeses from the judges will keep you in the competition. 2 people we don’t know leave. What’s with the awkward outfits some of the guys wear? Things are going well though and we get lots of cool tricks. Thomas Hamilton is back (dancing to improve his life) and hearing impaired Allison are up but neither one made it through. The same sex ballroom couple are on next but they’re separated as only one makes it through. Round 1 cuts 41 people. 111 left.

Part 2 is hop hop which gets big cheers. Tabitha and Napoleon teach the routine. With so many people crowded on the stage I don’t know how anyone learns anything but they have one hour before performances. Group 1 which includes Teddy goes and Nigel lets them through before they get through much of the routine. John, one of the best b-boys on the tour, didn’t make it through. 21 more dancers are let go before the section is even through. Ryan now! The judges are split 3-3 which keeps him in. Ryan says hip hop is his worst area. Well, as we know from last season, nearly making it the last year doesn’t guarantee anything the next.

Part 3 is cha cha. Bleh. Lou Van Amstol and Anya teach the group. It’s a very fast routine and people are quickly lost. Someone named Billy is hit in the face and bleeds. He can’t return to the stage until he stops bleeding. Yvetta (world champion) and Russel (first krumper through to Vegas) are paired and seem to manage quite well together. All are through, Yvetta and Russel getting Adam Shankman’s applause. They ask Legacy, a b-boy dancer to fight for his life. Well, he has a good solo so not too bad. He’s not the only one. Billy and his partner make it through despite their lack of rehearsal time. Ryan is in the last group of the day. (Where’s Bianca btw? And that other tapper?) He seems kind of stiff. (Also, Nigel’s hair is weird looking.) Nigel says he was given an extra chance and today it was off so he won’t be continuing. Wow. It’s so interesting how some people make it further one year than the next, it’s all dependent on what genre you get. First dancing for your life is John, contemporary dancer and tumbler. He gets a no from Nigel. Yes from Mary. Yes from Adam. Debbie says no. Mia says no. Down to Tyce…no. Sad. I liked him. Legacy is left and he’s freaking out/crying. Nigel tells him to come up to a standard in the other dance forms but yes. Tyce says yes. Mia says yes (but piece his routine together better). Debbie says yes. Adam tells him to work on transitions but yes. Mary says nothing but I guess she says yes. He makes it through obviously. Teddy Tedholm and Shelby Skipper do not make it through though. 77 dancers are left.

Night two of Vegas. Part one. Laurieann Gibson teaches a Jazz routine and whatever sweetness she had in Starmaker is gone. The contests are afraid of her and she yells for quiet a lot. Karyn from the married couple is in group one and makes it through. Her husband Matthew is in group 2. He really seems to struggle and does not make it through. 😦 The next group struggles even more and Nigel calls them to a stop. Even Yvetta gets criticized. He has them go again. Six more dancers including the same sex dancer and Yvetta are cut. Molly is up (the HSM girl). Also up is Russel, the Krumper. Much better group. Molly is dancer like a little girl and needs to step up as a woman. (That’s why the cut off is 18.) Russel has had no formal training but he’s doing so well. All of them are through. (Yay, I like both of them!) But Molly hurt her foot but she will dance full out in the next round anyway. She doesn’t want anyone to know but the pain gets worse and has to see the EMTs. She has to go to the hospital.

Part two. 69 dancers left, they must choreograph through the night in groups. Uh oh. This is the part that’s usually a disaster. People start freaking out and crying. (Wow, I guess there weren’t any huge fights since we cut right to the performances.) Russel’s group is up, they get Broadway. Don’t know who else was involved. They were feeling confident after an hour. Despite the tiny amount of practice, it goes well. Inventive and creative. No negative creative from the panel. Montage of groups with both good and bad. More cuts. Molly’s group had to choreograph without knowing if Molly will be performing. She returns two hours in. She’s intend on continuing despite a bad sprain. They try to have her sit for most and she’s upset because she doesn’t want to be held back. The judges do not seem pleased…Mia thought it was stupid. Nigel felt as though they hid behind their characters. They make it through though.

Part three, contemporary with Mia Michaels. Everyone is freaking out. She’s known for her toughness (remember how hard she was on Brandon, last season’s second place). She’s doing something more meditative this time though. They have 90 minutes to learn and then it’s performance time. Group one has Kevin Hunt, a hip hop dancer. (We hear Nigel commenting on his brilliance as he dances.) Tyce tells Kevin he’s amazing and easily makes it through. The hip hop dancers seem to be doing very well. Molly dances without a brace and makes it through. Legacy is up. He barely made it through last time, thanks for the chance to dance for his life. He has a tough rehearsal and is overwhelmed by the end. He cries when he’s brought up to the mic he says Mia made him a better dancer, it moved him. He was better today and he’s staying. 11 dancers are cut.

Part Four. Final choreography round. Divided by gender, they do Broadway taught by Tyce. Women first. In group one is Pauline who almost made the top twenty last week seriously injures her ankle before her performance. (It’s just a sprain and she needs to stay off it for a couple days.) Molly makes it through! Others are cut. Bianca makes it through. Ashley, ballroom dancer who the judges originally thought was not quite as good as her husband throughout, is in the last round. She is called up to the mic and is told she’s grown the most of the week and she goes through unanimously, the most grown of the entire group. The girls go swimming while the guys practice. Ashley’s husband Ryan makes it through (oh, and he’s hot). More guys do well, putting the pressure on the next groups. Dominique made it to the end of season 4’s Vegas week but was injured and had to drop out. He’s excited The judges are not so impressed. (Though they do laugh when he ends up before their table to finish.) He doesn’t make it through. He starts crying. Debbie Allen tells him it isn’t the end of the world. Nigel tells him to strengthen himself and stop crying. 6 more guys are cut.

Want to know who made the top 20? Click here.


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