ABC Comedy Block

So it’s a few weeks into Modern Family. It, along with Cougar Town and The Middle, have already been picked up for the full season. Surprising, since none of the shows are very good.

The Middle and Hank were so average–not funny or unique–that I wasn’t even interested in trying a second episode. And considering the amount and variety of television shows I watch, that’s saying something. Hank has not been given a quick pick up like the others and will likely be replaced.

Cougar Town was even worse than those two, it was even less interesting and funny that the others. Courtney Cox is just not doing well in the TV shows after Friends. (Did you catch Dirt? That didn’t last for long.)

What is most shocking (or maybe just upsetting) to me is that the pilot to Modern Family was a better episode than any that have succeeded it. It has occasional funny moments, but it’s no longer enough to hold my interest. Which is fine, since without it I still have far too many hours of television to watch to keep up with everything. It’s also weird to see an old version of Al Bundy playing a slightly different (very slightly different) type of father.

Well, I’m disappointed in the ABC Comedy block. Bring back Better Off Ted and find something else. What do you think? Any of the shows a hit for you?


3 Responses to “ABC Comedy Block”

  1. sarah Says:

    I heard this awful news earlier today…please tell me Hank did NOT get picked up…not surprised about Modern Family, but I do not go out of my way to watch or DVR…the rest of those shows are awful…Better Off Ted was WAY better and don’t even get me started on Arrested Development being off air when I see crap like this! Oh I also never even bothered to watch Dirt…Courtney Cox should just be a permanent recurring guest star at this point. I wonder what they will do with LOST now? Maybe have it on at 10?

  2. cindy Says:

    Okay, I love Modern Family. Yeah, the second two episodes were a bit slow moving, but the character development is so interesting and the jokes are pretty funny. It’s not a joke every second, which I kind of like. It’s a dramatic comedy, in that it doesn’t try to be funny. It just is funny, because it’s like real life.

    And Cougar Town is fun too. It’s not high class humor, but it’s got great moments. It reminds me of a Disney Channel show for adults. A little out there, dripping in hyperbole, but just a good time. It’s a very different style comedy from HIMYM or Big Bang, but I welcome the change.

  3. tour Says:

    I love to watch some good ol’ show on TV in the evenings but lately there is so little time to have some fun. But no matter how much time i would have i always find a few minutes to go trough blogs all over the net, and yours is really nice. Thanks!

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