Hell’s Kitchen 13

Tennille screams. Ariel is upset about her near miss last week. Kevin says he knows about everyone’s weaknesses.

6:30 am. Challenge time. Ramsay is seen pacing and yelling. The door opens. Wait, that’s a kid, not Ramsay. Dressed as Gordon though. The British kid begins to yell at them but they all laugh at him. Real Ramsay comes in. He’s just having some fun with them. He announces that life is getting harder for them. Vegetarian catering time. They must serve 80 vegetarian customers. Specifically, kids. They must make an eighty portion dish. The kids vote on the dishes (each served on different colored dishes). There’s apparently not enough dishes per kids and they are not patient. Tennille tries to be fancy which puts her behind and Ramsay tells her to forget about it. Dave rushes out with food, trying to get them to like him. The kids spit out some of the dishes. Ramsay has a surprise for the kids: a bag full of treats. They’re thrilled. And make a mess. Time for the results.

40% voted Kevin’s dish their least favorite. Top two are Dave and Tennille. The winner, with 55% is…Tennille! She receives the news with cheers. Dave says he never wins, he always comes in second. (That’s a definitive lie.) Punishment is cleaning up the dining room. (Not such a big deal, just vacuum.) Tennille gets a day in Beverly Hills (sprucing her up) to go to a fancy sushi place for lunch with Ramsay. (More confessional screaming.)

They wonder how she won. Her food is well suited for a kid. She’s going somewhere fancy and they think she’ll be uncomfortable. She’s ecstatic though. She kind of looks like Whoopi Goldberg after being done up. An annoying Whoopi. Meanwhile they clean which includes scraping gum from under the tables. Dave is pocketing the goodies that he finds as he goes.

Dinner service prep. They kind of ignore Tennille when she returns.

Dinner service, Ramsay wants to finish on a high. He’s determined. Kevin’s on appetizers. They seem to be getting on well, communication wise. Kevin gets a compliment on the risotto. Appetizers are “flying out of the kitchen.” Tennille’s scallops don’t fare as well, they’re rubber. Second try and they’re perfect. All appetizers are served within a half hour. Dave is on meat. Dave suddenly hurts himself as he’s trying to bring the lamb to the window. Why does he keep picking things up with his injured hand?!? Ramsay tells him to see to his arm. He insists he’s fine. Again holding the pan with the injured hand! Once again Tennille serves poorly cooked fish. Ariel gives a confessional of “get your shit together” which makes me want to say “dude, you screwed up last week so quiet” even though I dislike Tennille. Dave wonders how Tennille made it so far in his confessional. Ramsay gets more bad cooking from Tennille and calls them all together to rant. She finally cooks a good fish again.

They worked as a team. Dream team in the beginning. He says he’s never seen anyone suffer like Dave is and he is concerned. Dave insists he’s fine. Tennille’s service sucked and he kicks her out without any nominations. He says she had a great comeback and a great heart.

The group toasts being the final three when there’s a final call. Ramsay is on the line and asks them to come down. Unfinished business. After eliminating Tennille he wonders if it was a good idea to keep Dave. After a lot of thought…he did. He has a surprise, family and significant others.

Next week is the last week.


One Response to “Hell’s Kitchen 13”

  1. sarah Says:

    I knew you would be happy Tennille left…it was a good episode. Next week is the last week? I assume they are doing the final 3 episode at 8 followed by finale at 9 then?

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