Gossip Girl: Dan de Fleurette

We get fleeting mention of Jenny beginning Constance (I suppose it makes sense that we haven’t heard much from her since college starts early than high schools). But the real news lies in a movie star coming to school. He doesn’t know who she is, or at least, barely recognizes her name, Olivia. He tries to buy a hot dog but can’t find his wallet and a blond girl who introduces herself as Kate (played by Hilary Duff) pays for him. Karma. I wonder who she is.

Blaire finds herself with the geek squad and worries she can’t rule because she doesn’t understand them.

Jenny is excited to change things. Three girls come up to her wearing the same dark eye shadow as Jenny, saying they will make her get everything she wants this year.

Serena and Rufus role play her telling her mom the truth about not going to Brown. She’s so nervous she can’t get passed him not quite getting it right. But before they can finish, Lily shows up. She’s not supposed to be around until tomorrow. Serena tells the truth with Rufus’s support. Serena says she will get a job but her mother doesn’t believe her and tries to convince her to try college. Lily is determined though…

Dan and Kate flirt and then she has to go to unpack.

Jenny tells everyone to forget the hierarchy. She gets an applause. But not approval from the girls who wanted to help her rule things. Instead she texts Blaire for help.

Vanessa’s new roommate is Kate, who is really, no surprise, the celebrity. Vanessa is excited to be rooming with Olivia. Olivia is upset because her publicist gave out confidentiality waivers.

Serena interviews at a bunch of places but no one wants to hire her. She goes to lunch and overhears Olivia arguing with the publicist. Photographers are outside. Serena tells her how to take the back entrance out. With a reminder that she has a Larry King interview, Olivia leaves. Olivia’s publicist talks to Serena and suggests a job in publicity.

Jenny finds the girls telling everyone they are going back to the old ways. They even call her Little J! Blaire’s involvement.

Dan and Nate do work. Nate is shocked that Dan didn’t get the girl’s number. In walks Kate. Nate recognizes her but just suggests Dan go ask her out. He asks her out for pizza and she accepts, right now.

Serena talks to Casey and in walks Ursula (Tyra) being a diva because she doesn’t like the clothes offered. She’s Olivia’s co-star. They talk and get along well.

Blaire is at home and wonders why Chuck is around. He found the invite for Olivia’s movie premiere. She’s too busy “maintaining the aristocracy.”

Dan talks with “Kate” about what classes to take. He wants to show her something that night but she has to work. She says her life is more complicated than he knows and he says he can handle it. He says she’s refreshingly normal. The last girl he dated was in the spotlight, making things hard. She says she’s not sure she’s the girl he’s looking for. He doesn’t understand. She apologizes and leaves.

Chuck and Jenny talk. Blaire needs to be brought back to reality. He will help her if he helps her. He says she’s meant to rule.

Serena enters to find Ursula freaking out about a missing ring which Serena knows where it is. She gives her a pep talk. Wehn Ursula leaves Casey reveals that Ursula’s favorite scene got cut. Serena wants to tell her but Casey convinces her not to because Ursula would ditch the career which would hurt her career. Rufus texts Serena that he got Lily to go to the premiere.

Dan calls Vanessa, upset about Kate and suggest going to a movie. She agrees, the premiere.

Premiere time, screaming people. Dan looks for Vanessa. Kate arrives and Dan manages to not see her.

Blaire is hosting the sleepover party meanwhile. Dorota isn’t happy about the party but Blaire ignores her.

Truth or dare time inside is interrupted by a text to all. Gossip Girl says Jenny Humphrey’s at the premiere with Chuck.

Lily wonders why Rufus made her come. How did he get tickets? Through a connection. Serena sees them and approaches. Rufus excuses himself and Serena explains her job. Her mom is still unhappy that she’s skipping Brown for this. Serena explains her dilemma about Ursula when Ursula comes up to ask if everything is ok. She feels like people are whispering. Serena reassures her.

Kate sees Dan at the premiere. He wonders why she’s at the party, she should be working. If she didn’t want to go out with him, she could have just said so. He realizes who she really is.

Bit of the movie is shown. We’re up to Ursula’s favorite scene. Ursula’s upset and runs out mid showing. Casey goes after her. Serena goes for her and finds out that Casey used her for publicity. (An actress who finds out her scene has been cut at the premiere and remains is a big story.)

Blaire shows up to yell at Jenny but Chuck says it was his plan. Blaire does not retreat. She says it’s over. Chuck says it’s insulting to say he’s easier to win over then some college kids. He’s sweet. (Other than the whole unresolved attempted rape–no way would Jenny go anywhere with Chuck!)

Dan sits alone in the theater and Olivia is sorry, She should have told him the truth. She’s been dreaming of being normal for so long and a cute guy doesn’t recognize her. And her middle name is Kate. His last couple of relationships were full of drama. She understands, he doesn’t want Olivia. She turns to go and he just watches with a bizarre look on his face.

As Blaire leaves someone wants her picture. Why? “Aren’t you Blaire Waldorf?”

Ursula cries, Casey tries to convince her to throw a fit. Ursula asks what Serena thinks. Serena says she should be gracious because the movie is more important than the scene. Casey tells her to ignore the teenager but Ursula appreciates it. Casey fires her.

At home Serena packs, telling her mom that she was fired. She isn’t going to college though. She just can’t live at home to find herself. How does she plan to pay for everything? Lily blames all on Rufus. Rufus tells her not to force Serena.

Vanessa enters the room to find Olivia sad. All she ever wanted to be herself in college. Vanessa says she dated a guy who kept part of himself hidden and in the end everyone lost. Vanessa says Dan’s a really special guy. Olivia leaves but stops to say “we’re like real roommates, totally awesome.”

Blaire says Serena is welcome to stay by her. Blaire has a new club, she’s got three rich girls who didn’t get into a fancy school. They will shape the school to be the way she wants. (Oh my God Blaire, grow up!) Something came for Blaire, an outfit from Chuck. (It turns out Chuck paid the photographer to take Blaire’s picture,

Serena and Ursula hug. Ursula told Casey that if Serena doesn’t work for her, Ursula won’t be a client. (Tyra looks awful in this episode.)

Vanessa calls Scott. He gets a call that he has to take before she can say anything. It’s from Georgina (who has been MIA because she’s “visiting relatives” but really followed him).

The annoying girls approach Jenny and she acts the queen. Sigh. Blaire preps her girls. Olivia approaches Dan saying she should have given him the chance to know both sides of her. He says yes.


One Response to “Gossip Girl: Dan de Fleurette”

  1. sarah Says:

    Hmmm…it should be an interesting week next week with Blair’s new club of rich girls that screwed up getting into the Ivy League…it could be amusing, but glad to see she’s not going to bother with the happenings of Constance anymore(that was uber pathetic). You knew right away with the photographer that it was Chucks doing…
    Ok, I totally agree with you that there is no way in hell Chuck and Jenny would ever talk post rape attempt or he and Dan would ever be in the same room…come on now.
    I am very much looking forward to Georgina and she sociopath ways next week…Dan made a big mistake getting involved with that whack-job again.

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