The Middle

This show premiered last night on ABC. ABC, for the many successful shows it has, seems to be lacking in the comedy department so this season they’ve premiered four. I haven’t seen Hank yet (though I’m not all that excited to try it out since I’ve never been a fan of Kelsey Grammer) but from what I’ve seen of the other ones, I’m not all that impressed. Oddly, Modern Family’s pilot episode was funnier than it’s second, Cougar Town didn’t make me laugh at all. I just watched The Middle and I wasn’t all that impressed. It was ok. It had some cute moments, but certainly nothing laugh out loud and nothing really unique. It features Patricia Heaton as the mother in a dysfunctional family where one son, Brick, is a weird loner whose best friend is his backpack, a daughter who can’t make anything but crew for show choir (though she actually ruins that gig), and another son, Axle who gets himself benched on the hockey team for yelling at the coach. The father’s just kind of ridiculous and can’t seem to read any of the notes blatantly left for him. Heaton’s character works as a car saleswoman who can’t seem to sell a car. I think what I liked least about the episode was the moral message added to the end about how family comes and helps you every once in a while. It just seemed like an unnecessary, forced effort to give the show some meaning. This is a show I’ll check out if I have time but it won’t be something I’m really determined to keep up with.


One Response to “The Middle”

  1. sarah Says:

    I agree with you, if it’s on and there is nothing else…I might check it out again…this comedy Wednesday will be cut by at least 2 shows when LOST comes back anyway in January…

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