They weren’t kidding when they say this show is just one big explosion. And by they, I of course mean my friend Cindy. Within the first half of the show there were two large explosions (a helicopter collision and a car accident that hits an oil truck) and virtually all of the trauma revolved around these accidents. There was one more where one of the characters hit a car door with his car and severed a man’s knuckles, but otherwise…

The pilot wasn’t particularly good or bad. NBC, in an attempt to garner interest, the show seems to have aimed for high impact and action but as far as episode one, there’s virtually no character or substance. I couldn’t even catch half of the characters’ names. All I know is that Nancy and Rabbit are both haunted by the helicopter crash that claimed their fellow paramedics’ lives a year ago. Nancy was involved with one of the people who died. Rabbit responds by being overly stupid (taking unnecessary risks) and Nancy tries to save everyone no matter how hopeless the situation. Another paramedic who was there at the helicopter crash is having marital troubles. There’s also a female helicopter pilot who was in Iraq and has an overprotective mother (how much do you think her phone bill was calling her daughter in Iraq to remind her to wear a bullet proof vest?).

I’m curious to see where the show is actually going, what the people are like, etc, so I’ve decided to reserve judgment for next week, once they’re past the “quick, we have to make everything awesome to gain viewers” phase.


One Response to “Trauma”

  1. cindy Says:

    yay shoutouts! didn’t watch the show though…

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